Potty Training Questions Answered….

10 06 2009

I have gotten a few questions about potty training so I thought I would answer them here.

Our plastic pants leak….any ideas? 

First, let me say that plastic pants will leak.  They are just to help hold in a little pee (like when a child starts to go then stops themselves etc.).  To help with this problem make sure they are snug around the legs.  Sew them if you have to to make the legs tighter.  Use the Gerber training underwear with them.  This will help TONS!  They have a little more fabric to help hold in an accident.

What about going out?  Can you use pull-ups? Do you use them?

I am not anti pull ups.  I think they are great for lots of times when a child will not have a potty near by or when a child is still learning to give you a few minutes warning when they have to go.  After my children have been in underwear for a few weeks and know how to go, when they should go etc. we will use a pull up.  I use them on long car trips, when a potty may not be near, we use them at the grocery store (they always have to go when I am 10 mins. from the nearest potty).  I still take them to the potty, I just understand that developmentally they don’t understand that they need to tell me WAY in advance in these situations to make it on time.

I make sure I take them before we start a trip at the store and I take them again if I am near one.  I don’t wait for them to tell me. I also don’t ask, “Do you need to go pee pee?”  I say, ” Owen, we are going pee pee in the potty now, let’s go”.  This way they don’t have an opportunity to have a choice in the matter.

I use a portable potty seat.  This is amazing and I think all mommies need one!  I got ours at babies r us and have used it for many children and still use it for Grace because she doesn’t stand like Isaac does.  🙂  Ours is just a plain one, but I couldnt’ find a picture of it on-line so the link goes to a character one.

Also, my boys sometimes go on the side of the road if we need them to etc.  They are able to stand and go so we go in the grass if we really need to.  With a girl that is more tricky.



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12 06 2009

Thanks for more good info. I was about to ask Hunt’s mom to bring us a folding potty seat to Thailand when she comes, but then I remembered the only public potties I have access to where we live are holes in the floor you squat over. At least Archie’s a boy and can stand 🙂 (He can say potty in English and Asian so I guess that’s a start for training :))

12 06 2009

Thanks for answering my questions. I got some “training” underwear (Gerber) and I see the difference. Thanks also for the more extended explanation about pull-ups and their uses. 🙂

17 08 2009


I’m a friend of Breanne Wallacher’s, and she referred me to your blog for potty training help! :o)

So, I started “the plan” today, and of course, I’m ready to quit after half a day. My daughter is a little older than you’ve trained yours, but I was hoping you’d have some suggestions anyway. Although, I understand you’re due any day with a baby, so I understand if you don’t get to this!

So, here are the problems. We sit for awhile on the potty – as soon as she gets off, she pees. ALL over the place. I’m about to lose my mind! I don’t know what else to do since she already knows she gets a treat if she goes on the potty. It’s like she’s purposefully NOT letting it come out while she’s on the potty. That’s what’s making me crazy. I think she gets it to some extent and is choosing not to go when she’s sitting there. She’s 2 1/2, so like I said, she’s older. Any suggestions for this? I am just praying and waiting for the first “catch” in the potty!!!

Gotta run. It’s potty time. Thanks for any info. you can give!!!

Karen B.

17 08 2009

Karen, like you said the first day is the hardest of them all!!!! I want you to hang in there you can do it. 🙂
My first did this and it was a little hard trying to figure out what to do, good news is he only did it the first day, the second was SOOOOO much better!

First, try a couple of things to see if they work.
1. Go into the bathroom and put some water in her little potty seat (if you are using one, if not use a bowl from the kitchen and put some water in it) Then go get one of her baby dolls (or favorite lovey) and take it into the bathroom and have the baby sitting over the bowl with the water in it. Then while you are in the bathroom ( and your little one is NOT in there with you) start clapping and singing a silly song, have your phone with you and call your husband or fake call him, make LOTS of joyful noise in that bathroom. You little one will come running to check out what is going on. THen in the most HAPPY voice you can make tell her how you are so happy that “insert name of baby or lovey here” put her pee pee in the potty and not on the floor. Try to get her to throw a little celebration for the doll as well. Then run and get the doll a sticker or something.

THis might just help her see your joy and she may try to repeat it the next time she goes! THen do the same for her!!!! Throw a big celebration.

2. If she still pees on the floor the next time just clean it up with little or no expression. LEt her see to get a reaction from you she will have to pee in the potty. Try to keep it low key and just say in a one tone voice “mommy wants your pee pee in the potty not on the floor”.

I would not recommend step 2 to children that are under 2. Because when they are younger than 2 we like them to be able to just sit on the potty that first day etc. But because your little one is almost 2.5 I think this might work well with her.

Please let me know how it goes!!!! Keep it up!!! Pray with her during the rest of the evening asking God to help her get the pee pee in the potty. It is important for her to see that our God is interested in ALL areas of our lives….even getting the pee in the potty 🙂 I loved when my first said when he was just 2…..”mommy, God helped me!” It was the sweetest thing a mother could ever hear from her child. He understood that God helped him and cared for him.

17 08 2009

Thank you for your advice! I will try that after nap and see how it goes. She’s down for nap, so here’s my other struggle. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy (not hard to manage while potty training) and an almost 9-month-old boy who is still nursing and crawling everywhere. AAAAAAAAHHH!!!! I assume you had this situation at some point, having three of your own? I am freaking out more because it’s so hard to focus on potty training her while I’m having to care for him as well. I start to nurse him, and she pees all over the floor. He screams while I clean it up, and then it’s time to put her on the potty again. Then, as soon as she’s off the potty, she pees again. And the cycle has gone on like this all day, not to mention my son crawling over to the potty and towards the pee pee mess on the floor, etc…. Any tricks for balancing all the kids at different developmental stages while potty training? My mother-in-law was over for a bit today, but otherwise, I’ve been on my own today (and she can’t nurse the baby! LOL). So sorry to spew my questions and frustrations – I appreciate your willingness to share your advice! Thank you!

23 08 2009
Breanne W

Just wanted to let you know that my friend Karen had success with her daughter by Friday of this week and announced that she is officially potty trained 🙂 I knew that she was going to be following your plan, but didn’t know that she contacted you. We’re starting with Lily tomorrow (we had some out of town company last weekend and then I wanted to save last week for “retraining” in basic obedience like we usually have to do after vacations, company, etc.). But now I think we’re ready! She actually seems excited and I have SO much more hope this time around because I think she is physically ready. So if you don’t have Champ in the next day or so, I might be soliciting your advice (and encouragement) if we start running into problems!

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