Help needed PLEASE!!!!!

5 05 2009

Okay, we have a baby coming in about 3-3.5 months, now this is our 4th child in 5 years and we will be starting our second year of homeschooling at the same time.

So, I need some help from my blog buddies!  Please post your favorite recipes that can be frozen.  They can be frozen before or after being cooked.  I would like to have about 2 months worth of meals stocked up in my freezer before the baby comes.  My family LOVES veggies, meats, soups….anything!  We are not picky, but I will be nursing so please keep that in mind.  No spicy foods etc.

 Thank you so much.



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5 05 2009

Pot pie. Make several at a time and freeze. I put the gravy on when I serve it because not everyone likes gravy…it also makes the bottom mushy. I cheat and used premade gravy.

Boil and peal potatoes (I use a 5 lb bag) – dice, cook and dice chicken or turkey (I use about 8 breasts), briefly cook large bag or two of mixed veggies (depending on how many pies and size of pie plate). Mix it all in BIG bowl Use the pet ritz deep dish frozen pie crusts for the bottom, and the pilsbury roll out crust for the top (unless you own tons of pie plates that you won’t need for a while). Fill as many pie bottoms, put the top crusts on, crimp and cook…I’d guess 350 for about an hour or until they brown. You can freeze cooked or uncooked.

5 05 2009

Becky, my favorite chicken casserole and chicken enchiladas are on the message board under recipes. I froze those before Kaedmon was born. I think your Taco Soup freezes well too. And tortilla soup? There’s a recipe for that.

6 05 2009
Molly Spivey

Ooooo – The best recipe EVER is my mom’s spaghetti. The best thing about it is you can make a big pot and then pour it into Tupperware’s and freeze it!

Here is the recipe:

In a large pot begin sautéing 1 onion (you can do less, our family loves onion), 1/2 green pepper (this can be omitted if your family doesn’t like it), and about 2 spoonfuls of minced garlic.

Once sautéed add about 2-3 pounds of ground beef (we like more than less). Brown the meat.

You can either drain the grease now or wait until the end. I wait because it adds more flavor and then after it has cooked I spoon the grease off the top.

After the meat is browned add the following:
1 can of tomato paste
2 small cans of tomato sauce
1 medium jar of ragu sauce (I use mushroom, thick and chunky)
3-4 bay leaves
a small dash of ground cloves
several dashes of garlic salt
cover the top with oregano (I sometimes had more then just the top)
3 tblspoons of wortcheshire sauce
2 spoonfuls of brown sugar (my mom adds more if the color is still orangish) The more brown sugar I add, the more garlic salt I will add to avoid it tasting too sweet. But some of our guests like it sweet, so if they come over I don’t add as much garlic salt.

I stir that all up and then had about 2 cups of water. My mom always matches the water with the cans of sauce, but I put less water in mine and have it more meaty.

Let this cook for about 3-4 hours. It will make your house smell unbelievable!!!! I am telling you, everyone tells us this is the best spaghetti recipe!

Hope you enjoy it!

6 05 2009

MMM!!! I love my spaghetti sauce recipe, but this sounds great too =) I am gonna give it a try!

1 06 2009
Pam Thompson

This is a link to a recipe for Farmhouse Chicken Casserole:
We modify it by adding lots of extra veggies such as zucchini, squash, and spinach. Its a wonderful comfort food, and I love that it doesn’t use condensed soup. This is probably my favorite things we had in the freezer for after Malachi was born. I also did a lot of baking. Muffins for breakfasts, loaves of bread for dinner sides, and brownies and pound cake for a treat.

4 06 2009
Alecia Ragland

I say you make your favorite marinara sauce (a big batch) and freeze it and whenever you want something with tomato sauce you have it already, you make stuff like lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, etc. and also make chicken stock or broth so whenever you want your favorite soup unthaw broth and add your favorite ingredients to it. Hope these tips will help you out, and God bless you and your family.

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