Summer Time Schedules

27 04 2009

Wow, this nice weather has me re-thinking our schedule.  First, little Owen needs more time to rest with it very quiet.  His room is right outside the swing set so I can’t have the older two playing there while he is sleeping.

Also, my kids are drinking tons more and eating tons more….this means I need more time planned in for meal planning.  We like to have snacks that have a carb, fruit and protein.  This way it stays in their bellies longer and they don’t get hungry as fast.  It also gives them lots of energy etc.

The older two are wanting to do too much in doors even if it is nice out.  It is like they have forgotten how to play outside. 😦  We just had a VERY long winter so it will take some time to find all the summer toys and make it fun again.  🙂  So, I feel like I am saying “go outside, don’t come inside”.  The good part is that they LOVE to do school, so I don’t feel like I am forcing them in their seats.

Isaac is in the mid 60’s for teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.  He is doing so well and begs me to let him do his lessons!!!!  He gets very upset if he doesn’t do them before bedtime.  I have to make sure we are getting them in everyday so that he doesn’ t have a melt down.  Getting them in can be tricky, Owen has to be asleep and Grace has to be VERY quiet.  Isaac needs that 20 mins. of time to get it down and to learn.

So, I will be working on what our new schedule will look like… stuff I tell you.



One response

9 06 2009

Girl, you Rock! Post me a sample of your daily routine.

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