Homeschool FUN!!!

14 04 2009

Okay, maybe I am the only mom out there that worries her kids are going to wish they weren’t homeschooled.  I want to my kids to LOVE learning, Love reading and love just being kids.  ( FYI these are not in order or are they the three most important things to me consering my children, they are just three of many things).

So after thinking about these things the last few nights I got some crazy ideas in my head for FUN school days.  Now everyday should be somewhat fun, but I am looking for crazy fun days….ones that don’t happen often.

Do you remember being a child and waking up to hear “SNOW DAY”  Woo Hoo, my blood would get going, I couldn’t wait to get up and do….well, kid stuff.  No plans that day, just a day off to have FUN.  My mom ran a daycare in our home so there were always fun little babies to help with and feed (my favorite pass time as a child, could be why we are on our 4th baby in 5 years) 🙂  I loved those days……I would watch the news the night before praying we would get hit with the 8-14 inches of snow during the night, just to experience those “SNOW DAYS”.

Well, as a homeschooler, you don’t really have snow days.  You don’t have to leave for school so you just continue school.  Now, you could take the day off, but it just isn’t the same to me… we have started a new day in our home.  One of the days for us a “SUN DAY”.  Do you get it? Mommy can randomly pick 4 days during the year to have a “SUN DAY”  The kids aren’t to know this day is coming….they wake up to hear “SUN DAY”.  Grab your bathing suits or shorts and lets spend the entire day just hanging outside and enjoying the sunshine!  While the other kids are in school we get to spend it doing just FUN stuff.  No plans, just fun.  Okay, maybe it is over the top, w hat do you think?

Then I started to think….how about Pajama day?  Now, many of you may school in your P.J’s already….we don’t.  So for us this would be a fun day!

How about opposite day….you know, breakfast for lunch and lunch for dinner?  Wear your clothes backwards etc.   Silly kid stuff.

Now, please let me know if I have lost it!  If you think this is fun, please add your ideas!!!!  I want to have a fun day at least once a month to every other week next school year.  Thanks everyone.



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16 04 2009

I love the SUN day idea. Or SNOW day if you get a lot of snow. 🙂 It’s so easy as homeschoolers to just keep pushing ahead, but we need both the planned and surprised days off from school. I think you are onto some great ideas, and I’ll have to think of some ways to throw in more surprises and fun in our days as well. So much about parenting and fun and schooling has to do with our attitude and being willing to give up some of our desires to make their childhood wonderful. Thanks for these ideas, Becky, you are helping me to make our home a more fun place too. 😀

16 04 2009

I don’t think you’ve lost it. That really sounds like fun! I’ve heard of things like that being done in public schools, so it can’t be too far out there. And I think that you could have a lot more fun with it in the homeschool setting, because there you retain the fresh innocence that is so easily lost in public schools.

I have always thought it would be fun to have a Living History Day, where you learn about and try experiencing things they way they would have been experienced by someone in history. For instance, eating food that was commonly eaten by colonists or making one of their crafts. I love history, so I think it would be neat to see and experience some of those lost arts and practices!

Also, something that could easily go hand-in-hand with the history idea: Have an oral reading day and maybe copy something that was done by the characters in the book. When I was a child, something I loved that we did was having a “Heidi lunch.” We would eat bread and butter, cheese and milk (and, of course, to be healthy, we often went ahead and included some fresh fruits and/or vegetables). It was meant to be a meal like one Heidi would have eaten up in her Alps home.

Now that I’ve practically written a book in reply, I hope something from those ideas proves useful! Have fun! 🙂

16 04 2009

Thank you both for your encouragment!!!!

I love the idea about the eating the foods and crafts….a living history day. That would be a great way end a unit or something.

If any of you or anyone else has more ideas….please pass them a long. Lots of mamas could use them I am sure.

18 06 2010

I was thinking of having an Apple Day in the fall (if you live somewhere where there is an orchard). Take the kids to the orchard and pick apples together. Teach them about different kinds of apples. Learn about the history behind the cultivation of apples. Teach the kids about the nutrition in apples. Come home and make apple-themed snacks such as apple slices with peanut butter and raisins. Teach the kids how to make applesauce. Bake an apple pie together. It’ll all be fun and you’ll have a great time together.

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