9 04 2009

Please pray for little Owen (our youngest, 21 months).  He will be going back in to have his tubes replaced.  One fell out in January and the ear is back to little to no hearing.  He had his first set about 10 months ago because he couldn’t hear anything under a vacuum cleaner.  So our little guy couldn’t hear language.  He is quite the talker now, which we are very thankful for! 

He didn’t come out of the anaesthesia (sp?) that well last time.  Pray that he comes out better this time and that he handles not eating in the morning well.  We have to be at the hospital at 7 am, so if you can pray in your morning quiet time that would be great!  Thank you prayer warriors!!!



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9 04 2009

Praying for you guys! I hope they stay in longer this time. Jonathan didn’t come out of the anes. well either.

10 04 2009
Luke Holzmann

Lord, I ask that You will be with the doctors and technicians as they work on Owen. Make he come out of the anesthetics well this time around, and may this procedure be the last he needs. May his hearing return to full capacity and his language not suffer at all. May everything go smoothly and well, and give peace to his family. Amen!


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