Organization: Your family’s weekly menu

8 04 2009

Okay, I know that just the title of this has some of you wanting to run away!  The thought of meal planning can be overwhelming as well as boring!!!!  I have to admit that this is the one thing that has kept my family running smoothly.  Being able to know at 9 am what we are having for dinner and that everything is already bought, so no last minute runs to the store, is so nice.

So, if you have never tried this before I want to urge you to do so.  In my home I like to have all lunches and dinners figured out for 2 weeks at a time.  Before the week begins I do a big shopping for two weeks.  I am able to get almost everything I need for the meals for those two weeks except for milk, bread and fresh produce for the second week.  I usually make a quick stop at the store in the middle of the two week period to pick up those few things.

For starters let me tell you how this has served my family.  When I am really sick with the preg. Dave can walk in the door and know what needs to be made for dinner with little help from me.  He also knows that I have everything ready for lunches so he can make lunch for the kids before leaving the house if I am busy schooling in the morning.  After the kids have played and schooled they are VERY hungry in this house for lunch.  It may be the biggest meal in our home on some days. 

Meal planning has given my kids LOTS of variety.  It makes me get out of the lunch rut.  You know the one where they eat P.B and J. everyday with a few sides?  I am not saying P.B. and J. is bad, but everyday I think maybe too much.  So, it has given me the freedom to do stuff in the morning knowing that lunch is already planned out.

Now, mommies let me tell you one little tip…….are you ready?  Don’t let the schedule control you….you control it!   Now, you might be thinking…..”well, duh”.  But hear me out.  I have to listen to my husband and my children on this regularly.  If they really want to have Mac and Cheese on Monday and I have it scheduled for Wednesday…..I change it sometimes!  I don’t do this all the time, but as long as all the meals are eaten that week, I let it slide.  Also, I want my husband to be excited to come home for dinner at night.  I ask him at the beginning of shopping what he would like that week to eat.  He always is willing to give ideas.  This allows me to show him love and respect during dinner time.  Also, if your husband calls and says, “Hey hun, lets go out to eat tonight.  What do you say about it?”  Let him serve you in this way!  We can get so hooked on the meal schedule we forget that it is here to serve us not us it.

Here is a post I did a while ago that maybe some help on how to actually Meal Plan.  If you want more Ideas on this check out the category for Stewardship on the right hand side of the blog.



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