Today we get to see Champ….

3 04 2009

Yup today is our Ultrasound. Wow it is hard to believe that was are almost halfway!!! This fourth preg. is going so fast. The baby is starting to move a lot. My migraines are not getting better, so I am seeing a Chiropactor tomorrow, hopefully he can get me all lined up. I think I my neck got out of line during first Tri when I was throwing up. (maybe that was too much information). I would love for you to pray for our family during this time. Some may know what is going on, others that don’t, I am sorry I don’t want to post it on a public blog. So please just pray for God’s will in our life.

I am going to try and get a very needed homeschooling post about next year done this weekend. Also, I will be adding what we will be next year. It will be a busy year with a new baby coming the week school should start…..good thing my husband feels we need to homeschool as much as I do. So school maybe done during the evenings when daddy is home for a few weeks…..isn’t that great about schooling at home? We can do it anytime we want and what days we want to! I LOVE that!!!!

Pray for a healthy baby Champ. With the miscarriage still so fresh in my mind I have been really worried about a healthy baby. But my God is in control and already has this baby’s days numbered and that is comforting at times.

Also, Dave can’t be there so please pray for him. He really wants to, but he just couldn’t get home for it. He is a great hardworking husband that feels really bad, so pray for God to give him grace today.

Thanks prayer warriors!!!!



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