Feel Disorganized?

2 03 2009

Do you ever feel like you are losing precious hours a week because you are disorganized?  One talent God has done for me is to teach me how to organize my life with small children so that I can get more done during the week. 

Here is tip number 1:

Do you hate  your linen closet?  Does it seem like a total disaster at time?  One thing I have learned to do (from my mommy) with my sheets is this little trick.  Take the pillow case of the sheet set you are trying to fold.  Open it up and place the folded fitted sheet inside.  Then place the folded top sheet inside.  Now add any extra pillowcases inside (full-queen size).  Now fold over the top of the pillowcase you were filling.  Now you have a nice little bag holding everything you need for the bed.   We do this with all our sheets so that each time I need some new sheets I just pull out the bag I need, this way I don’t have to search looking for all the pieces to match.

Now, what about all those little things….the ones that just pile up?  You need to invest in some small baskets or plastic shoe boxes and label and put them away.  Now you will be able to find the sunscreen or your nail polishes without all the work.