Private Vs. Non Private

30 03 2009

This may not seem like a big deal to anyone but me, but I have been so upset these past few days by the comments being put on my blog.  It hurts to see that someone can write such horrible things to someone they don’t even know.

Then I got to reading all the comments send over the past 24 hours of people asking to keep reading.  Many people are people I have never met, asking for me to see their blogs, send them an e mail…anything so that they can continue to read.  People that love the cloth diapering posts, homeschooling posts etc.

Then I went back to my reason for opening a blog.  To be able to share what Christ is doing in my life, in hopes that others would see Christ and follow him as well.  If I make it a private blog many would not come to see that in me.

So, I think I will keep it public, but just ignore what someone is writing.  The good thing is that wordpress will tell you the IP for the computer someone is writing from, so my sister (a police officer) has been told etc.  So if it continues I may have to place a complaint.  Something I just don’t want to do, I would rather this person see Christ in me and my family.

Please bear with me during this time.  I am hurt right now and just trying to figure out what to do and what would be best for me and my family etc.

I have lots of posts in my head right now from what we are doing in 2009-2010 for school for the kids to some neat organizational tips someone shared with me to us having our Ultra Sound on Friday!  Yeah.  So, please pray for me, pray that God will give me wisdom and peace.

Thank you everyone, life is not easy but my God never moves from his Throne!