13 01 2009

Last night we had to make a run to the Urgent Care because Owen had a high fever and was just not acting himself. They said he had an ear infection and sent us home. I come home and put him to bed. I had this gut feeling to go and check on him and when I did I found him struggling to breath.
I quickly got him dressed to go out (it was about 12 degrees outside) and we headed into the ER. They have him some steriods to “open up” his airway and had him with a mist from a tube flowing into his mouth and face.

We had an okay night last night and he is doing much better! For those that were praying…..Thank You!



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13 01 2009

I’m so glad that he is better! That must have been really scary- I’m so glad that you followed your gut feeling. His treatment sounds a lot like what Thomas was on last spring. Did they say anything about Reactive Airway Disorder?

13 01 2009

They said he is just sick, that is all. This is the first time he has ever had anything like this so they weren’t as concered as I was.

If it happens again then I will bring that up! Thanks for reminding me of that!

14 01 2009

Did he have croup. Jack does that a lot. They’ll say he has an upper respiratory infection, but then that night he struggles to breathe. Steroids work fast, but man can it cause roid rage.

Hope he’s feeling better,


19 01 2009

Hi Becky! Not sure if you remember me, we were in a number of classes together in SWI. I’m so sorry to hear about Owen! My little girl is three months old and has had much trouble with acid reflux, which landed her in the hospital, due to the fact that she stopped breathing multiple times. I know they get those kind of emergencies on a regular basis, but for us moms, it’s a new and terrifying experience! Anyway, I hope you are doing well and would love to keep in touch. I have started my own blog, and would like to blogroll you if you don’t mind.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

23 01 2009

That would be fine for you to blogroll me!

I am so glad that you found me Andi!!!!

I am sorry to hear about your little one and I hope she is feeling better soon!

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