18 Month check up a little early!

9 12 2008

Today we had Owen’s 18 month check up, we did it 3.5 weeks early because of the move.  I didn’t want some issues to be over looked by another doctor because they had not seen him grow up.

He is 23 lbs. 6.5 oz. (20 percent) and 32.5 inches long (65 percent), he is a long and lean guy for his age.  At least that is what they say, I think he has some cute chubby little legs I tell you.

He is doing great with motor skills and speech.  They doctor was sooo impressed!  I want to tell you just how great my God is.  Today we are at the office and  the Nurse Praticioner was looking at him and we got talking about the move etc.  She asked where we were going and I told her, so started to ask more and more questions etc….only to find out she graduated High School only a 1.2 mile from my parents house!  Her sister lives in the same town we are moving too.  She is going to be calling me this week with a recommendation for a doctor!  Isn’t it awesome how God took care of us with out us even asking about it! 

Owen’s right foot is turned out.  I have had some concerns with it for awhile now.  They took a look at it and would like him seen by an orthopedic doctor.  She said it has the look of a minor club foot, but because they can turn the foot and move it it is not.  She said they may leave it alone for now or put it in a brace or special inserts in his shoe.  We don’t know what they will do, but she noticed it right away.

Other than that it went great!