School UPdate

7 12 2008

We are moving along pretty well, so I thought it would be a good time to do an update.  (I am also doing this so that I can look back and remember how it was going thus far)  🙂

Sonlight PreK 4 and 5  Core: This is going really well.  There are somethings I would change if I wrote the material, but over all it is going really well.  We had a hard time the first 8 weeks because we read the same books every week, we wouldn’t read the same parts of the books just the same ones.  It would have been nice to have some different books added in earlier.  The kids are learning a lot and I really enjoy all that we do with it.  Also, I love that the company calls to check on me every few months!  Isn’t that great?  If I have a question I know I can call or they will be calling very soon.  That is an awesome perk from buying the material straight from them!

Math U See:  Still love it!  I love it just as much as I did last year too.  Isaac is skip counting right now and is really catching on.  The best part of this is that this is daddy and Isaac time!  Daddy teaches this part of school to him.

Handwriting Without Tears:  Awesome!  I love the way they teach it and Grace really gets it.  Isaac was already doing well with handwriting so I wasn’t very worried about him.  I was worried about Grace, but she is doing great!

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons:  That is still going well.  Isaac can read many little, short stories and can find words in other books and sound them out!  It is great!  We are going really slow and just enjoying this time together.


We are adding in more fun preschool type things during the day.  Painting, crafts etc.  Also, our playgroup on Monday’s is AWESOME for time to explore new things etc.  So far this year is going great, now I am already thinking about next year.  Should I keep them schooling together?  That is the big question in the Ferraro home right now.



2 responses

7 12 2008

Glad it’s going so well! That’s neat that Sonlight calls you!

8 12 2008
Luke Holzmann

I’m very glad to hear that things are going well. May this turn out to be your best year homeschooling yet! [smile]

You mentioned you would change a few things with Sonlight, and we would welcome your input. Please send us your suggestions and any feedback that you can for making Sonlight even better. Your perspective is very valuable to us!

Keep up the great work!


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