Baby Food…For my friend Molly

25 11 2008

My friend Molly asked for some ideas on making baby food, I have made most of our baby food for our 3 children when they were babies.  I have learned a few things and thought I would pass them on.

If you have never made baby food before it is really easy.  1. peel your fruit, if needed, then add to some water and boil.  After it is VERY soft let it cool for a little bit (about 15 mins or so), then add to a blender and puree (for younger babies), less for older babies.  Then add to ice cube trays and freeze.  After frozen pop out and put in a Freezer bag, (make sure it is a freezer bag!) and keep for 3-6 months.  Most ice cube trays are 1 oz, so you know how much you have.

I would do a bunch of stuff on one day (maybe 3-4 hours of time) and make enough food for 2 months for my little ones!

Now here are some little tips I have learned as I have gone. 

1. Buy fresh when you can.  Pears, bananas, berries, peaches, avocado etc. 

2. Don’t make homemade apples.  It is so much cheaper and faster to just buy the big jar of unsweetened applesauce.

3. Don’t make bananas ahead of time, then turn REALLY yucky.  So just mash one up as needed.

4. Beware of making meat.  It might just be me, but it was HORRIBLE!!!  Now it could be that I was preg. when my second when I made this for my first, but I still to this day can not look at pureed turkey!

5. Get creative!  Go to the baby aisle and look to see what Gerber etc. has put together to be a meal.  THen just go and buy the stuff to make it at home.

6. Be care of making Carrots at home because of the possible high nitrates they could have.  We just bought these in the baby food jars, because they are already tested to make sure they are at a safe level.

Enjoy!  If you need more ideas, please leave a comment and I will respond.



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4 12 2008

Thank you so much for the advice!!! I have a few questions:

I am doing foods, but don’t feel like I have a good handle on it.
How do you start foods – for example, What foods do you start first? how much should they eat at each feeding and how often? when do you feed them in regards to nursing – an hour after you nurse? right after you nurse?

I feel like I can’t grasp it! 🙂

4 12 2008

MOlly, I will first say that every person you ask will give you a differnt option on how this should be handled, so I will give you mine, but remember you may have to change it to fit your babies and lifestyle.

For us we started with a new food every 3 days. This way I knew if they had a reaction to it. I always fed my new food in the morning regardless of waht it was…yes that ment peas at breakfast. I did this only on the first time I fed it to them, this way we knew if they were having a reaction by lunch time and I would have time to get them to the doctors if needed…instead of at 7 at night.

I started with a fruit (single ingrediant only…which means only bananas, no mixes in the beg. like pears and bananas), then in 3 days I would introduce a veg (again single ingret. like peas). Then 3 days later I would do a different furit, then a new veg, until I had covered almost all the furits and veg. (this took a couple months).

My children would eat about 3-4 oz of baby food at breakfast with cereal (more on that in a minute), 3-4 oz of baby food at dinner with cereal. I just started to replace SLOWLY their nursing times. I would fed them their “real” food then follow up with nursing. They slowly started taking less breastmilk at breakfast and dinner. I would still nurse with no food at lunch. After about 4 weeks of ‘real’ food at breakfast and lunch I would add in a veg at lunch. I would then slowly keep increasing the “real” food and they would naturally decrease their milk intake. My children were weaned at 1 year this way.

I would always feed them their “real” food first, then nurse after to “wash it down”. I would nurse at about 6 or so, then food and nurse at 8 am, then nurse at noon, nurse at about 4 pm, then food and nurse at 7 pm, then down for the night. Mine slept until they nursed in the morning. at about 9 months I took away the early morning feeding when they woke up. I really loved that feeding, so that is why we kept it. I would bring them into bed with me and dave would cuddle up with me and the baby as we nursed. It was just special for us, so we did it. They really didn’t need that feeding for nutrion, but for emotional development with mommy and daddy.

For cereal, we always added it to the fruit after we knew it didn’t hurt their bellies. My children didn’t do rice until about 10 months of age, Isaac had a horrible experience with it so we stuck to oatmeal first for our little ones. We would take about a fourth of a cup and add it to the fruit with water or breastmilk. That was their breakfast (just I kept increasing the amount) until they were a year old at least. We did cereal at breakfast and dinner, this really helped them Fill up, plus it gave them a great dose of iron.

I hope that helps, please feel free to ask more questions!

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