Christmas 2008 Pictures

13 11 2008
Gracelyn 3 years

Gracelyn 3 years

Isaac 4 Years
Isaac 4 Years



Owen 16 Months

Owen 16 Months
















9 responses

13 11 2008

They’re adorable! I can not believe how BIG Owen is! Especially in that picture by the Christmas tree. Does he have red hair? Thanks for sharing!

13 11 2008

Yes! He is our little red headed monster! We just love him to pieces!

14 11 2008

OH My Goodness. I was just looking at the photos you had sent me again today and thinking how much I missed you guys. I wanted to squeeze little Gracie. These pictures are great. Love the one of Owen in the chair – what a perfect shot of him laughing. Gracie is a doll.. tell her I still expect her to be waiting on Justus, k? And Isaac. Oh I wish the boys could get together and play. We miss those times. Thinking of you lots!

14 11 2008

Owen is such a beautiful baby. These pictures are great=)

14 11 2008

oh my goodness becky!! They are sooooooo cute! I can’t get over it!! Thanks for sharing those!!! I can’t wait to see them in a few weeks! Sorry for all the !!! But they are just too cute

14 11 2008

How sweet! I love how big all of their smiles are, and it is amazing to me how big Owen is.

15 11 2008

These are wonderful pictures!! You must be so pleased. It took me by surprise to see Owen standing up in his picture! I just can’t get it through my mind that he’s really as old as he is. You have very sweet kids and it’s great that you got a photographer who was able to capture their sweet smiles. When can you come to see us, Becky?! We would still love to have you!

15 11 2008

You have such beautiful kids! I just can’t get over how big Owen is now. Gracie looks like a mini-you and Isaac has grown into a handsome young man. You should be so proud.

20 11 2008

Your children are precious! What a good mom you are!

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