Nothing is EVER dull in the Ferraro home

3 10 2008

Well, after a wonderful week trying to get our washing machine fixed, we decided to buy a new one.  Now, I didn’t get my number 1 or 2 or 3 or 4th choice but we did a GREAT one for a great price.  It is the new Maytag that just came out.  And because it was just out the computer system at Home Depot still had the old price in it so we got it for that price and they still took ten percent off of that!  It is one that will last our family for many, many years we pray.

Now, Isaac has been a challenge this week.  Not with his behavior, but with a funny rash.  He came down with a rash on his trunk on Sunday.  Then on Tuesday it was covering him from head to toe so I took him to our pediatrician, who tested him for strep and scarlet fever.  Both tested negative. He didn’t even have a temp at all.  They then decided that he had an allergic reaction to something…what we don’t know.

Then on Thursday he came down with a little temp and just not himself.  AFter talking to my mom I decided to take him back to the peds office.  They had two doctors look at him.  Both decided that it looked like strep, but he tested negative again for that!  They said they are sticking with a reaction of some sort.

Then that night I went to SWI class at school and Dave took the kids home.  At about 6:30 I was eating and a lady came into the school cafeteria and said…”Is there a Becky Ferraro here?”  I told them that was me and she told me there was a man on the phone and he said it was urgent.  I tried to call Dave about 3 times and each time I got the answering machine.  I just knew something horrible was wrong.

My friend and I went to the school’s operator and asked if a Dave Ferraro called, the man said yes.  I asked if he left a message, he said no, only that he was looking for his wife and it was urgent.

I told where I would be if he called again.  With no cell phones I  knew I couldn’t reach him or him me.  I then called our two hospitals that Dave would go to.  Each said that they did not have a child with that last name.

I went to class and told our presidents wife what was going on.  She told me she was going to give the operator her cell number so he could reach her ASAP.  About 15 mins. later I see her in the hall and the operator in the hall, and she says “Dave called again he is at ________hospital in the ER waiting on a doctor, you need to go there right away.”   My knees went weak.  I knew that God was in control and that I had no power to do anything!

My friend drove me to the ER and we found Isaac on a table and Dave with two toddlers at his feet.  We came to find out, Dave was in the middle of making dinner when Isaac said his head hurt.  He then went on to say he was hot and his eyes hurt.  Dave took his temp and it was 104.5 under the arm.  Isaac then said he couldn’t see anything.  Dave got very scared and called the doctor who said to head right to the ER.  Dave tried to call me, but couldn’t wait any longer.

The doctors at the hospital did more tests and still think that the rash is a reaction and are not sure what the temp is from.  It could be totally unrelated!!!  Crazy stuff I tell you.

Now, please pray for our Isaac and the others in hope that they don’t get sick.

Oh and tonight was parents night out and we had dinner plans with another couple that we had to cancel.  That makes us a little sad.



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4 10 2008

Becky! Update! My heart is breaking and wish I could have been there to take grace and owen. we miss you guys and will be praying for Isaac and for your peace as well. Wish I could mail you my tracfone!

4 10 2008

Oh my goodness! My prayers are with Isaac. I hope they figure out what is wrong. Please keep us posted.

4 10 2008

Fever is gone or low this morning. Last night it was still high (102 plus), then Grace came down with a fever of 102.2.

Everyone is doing much better. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!

4 10 2008

happy to know little Isaac is getting better. I’ll keep him and your family in my prayers.

5 10 2008

You and your family are in my prayers. Fevers that high are so scary. I pray everyone stays well and that Grace’s doesn’t get any higher. Keep us posted Becky.

6 10 2008

Oh, I am so sorry you had to go through that! I am praying for your family now. Thank God He seems to be healing everyone!

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