Converstaions with my Children….

10 09 2008

Isaac this morning:

Mommy, how is God going to get us all in heaven?

Me: well, when you love Jesus and make him your Lord, when you die you go to heaven to be with God and Jesus.

Isaac: No, mommy how are we going to fit?  He is so big He is going to crush us up in Heaven! (using his hands to show how big God is and then pushing himself up against the wall, showing how it will be in heaven)



Mommy, how do babies come out of your belly?

Me: God made a special place for them to come out of mommies.

Isaac: Can I see it?

Me: No, you can’t.

Gracelyn (3 years old): Mommy is it your Vag**na? (I stared it so I don’t get tons of weird searches on my blog) ( I think she said this because her and I had just talked about how we don’t show or let anyone touch her there etc, we tell them that starting at 3 years of age, so she too smart, she put that together on her own)

Me: umm, uh, well, yes Grace that is right.

Grace: Yeah, but it is just mama’s, not little girls.

Me: Your right Grace, only mamas.

Isaac: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, Isaac, but you can ask daddy when he gets home from work if you would like. (That is exactly when he did when Dave came home… should have seen his face at dinner that night when Isaac asked)


Grace: Mommy, when you have my sister I will help with her.

Me: Grace I am not having a baby right now.

Grace: Okay, can I have the baby for you?

Me: No, only God gives babies to mommies.  You are a little girl, you can’t have a baby yet.  You have to grow up first and get married.

Grace: Okay, but when you have my sister I will change her diaper.

Me: Grace, I am not having a baby right now.

Grace: Okay, I will tell daddy.  He wants me to have a sister.

Me: Okay, but you might want to ask God instead.


Me: Owen what do you want to wear this morning?

OWen: (does the sign for dog) *dog* (he is asking for a new shirt I just bought him that has a dog on it)

Me: You can wear that it is long sleeves and it is too hot out.

Owen: Uck (truck) (He is asking for his truck shirt)

Me: Okay

Owen: (does sign for hat) *hat*

Me: okay, you want a hat.

Owen: dada

Me: yes, just like dada wears.  You little smart man.  (Owen is 14 months old)

Have you ever wondered?

9 09 2008

Have you ever wondered what I would have looked like in 1968 as a senior in high school?  Well, just in case you ever did here is a photo….


Becky yearbook photo 1968

Becky yearbook photo 1968


How about 1984?  Oh, come on……I know that you were just talking about this last night at dinner….I wonder what Becky would have looked like had she graduated in 1984.  I don’t you to have to wait any longer so here it is….

Becky in 1984...if I had been a senior

Becky in 1984...if I had been a senior

Snack and Lunch Ideas…..

4 09 2008

A couple of my friends have asked for ideas for snacks and or lunches so I am going to give a list of some of the things my kids are eating this week.


Homemade trail mix: equal parts raisins, peanuts, goldfish cheese, goldfish pretzels and m&ms.  I make a big bowl of this, then use the snack size ziplocks (off brand) and put 1/4 cup in each one for my children, this is a GREAT grab and go mix.

Berry Banana Splits: I cut a half of banana per child length ways, then top wih strawberry yogurt and teddy grahams.

Peanut butter on Graham crackers with blueberries on the side with a glass of milk.

For lunches:

Crackers, cheese, pears and carrots.  I put the stuff on a platter then they grab what they want to eat.  You can add add or turkey lunch meat as well and they can make their own “homemade” lunch-ables.

Bagels with cream cheese and fruit.  This is a hit with my kids!  They love it!  We didn’t have a veggie with this at lunch so I had them have one with a snack that day.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese.  My kids love to top their tomato soup (I have a great rec. for that in the recipe section of my blog) with goldfish and cheese or sometimes sour cream and tortilla chips etc.

Speedy Quesadillas (sp?): I just spread re-fried beans on a tortillas shell and top with cheese, then fold over and grill on stove for about 2-3 mins. each side, then I cut it up with a pizza cutter to make little triangles.  They love to dip it in sour cream or salsa.


When making lunches or snacks I try to make sure I have a protein, complex carb and quick sugar.   So we only use whole wheat breads and crackers and I try to make sure they have at least 2-3 servings of veggies a day and 2-3 fruits a day as well.


Some things on the menu for next week are:

Fig newtons with a 1/2 banana and milk to drink

Lunch Chicken ceasar salad ( some cooked chicken in bite size pieces, salad and grape tomatos) served with grapes and milk.

Chicken Quesadilla Sandwich (spread salsa on 1.2 the tortilla, top with chicken lunch meat and cheese) Fold and cut in triangles.  Serve with green peppers to dip in ranch and fruit.

Snack: Chocolate pudding ( I use the yogurt if it is on sale) wtih apples and teddy grahams.


I hope this helps anyone out with meal ideas!  Enjoy.

Motivated by God or Sin?

2 09 2008

These last few weeks, God has been working at my heart.  What is my motivation?  Why do I do the things I do?  Is it for the glory of God or is it for sin?

Here are somethings that have been on my heart.

Why do I discipline my children?  It should be so that God is glorified.  Sometimes I discipline to look like a “good mommy”.  I want others to see my children and think…”Look at that good mommy, her kids are so well behaved”.  Ouch!  That is the worst thing I could EVER do is bring my children into my sinful world.  I have been praying that when people see my family they think….”wow, something is different about that family!”  and I pray they come and find out that it is because of my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing else.

Why do I say  no?  Hummmm, think about that one.  How often do you say no to your children only because you are in the sin of being lazy?  I often say no to finger painting, riding bikes, going swimming etc. ONLY because it is too much work for me and I am lazy!  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many times we need to say “No” to our children, but it should be to glorify God.  There are times when I need to say “No, we can’t play with play-do right now because mommy is making sure you have a healthy dinner to eat tonight and I can’t do both right now.”  But in general what are my reasons for saying no.

Are my meals healthy and thought out?  Do I take the time to prepare foods that glorify God?  On many nights I want quickly put together something and not plan out a meal.  I want to spend my children’s nap time on the computer or reading instead of in the kitchen preparing a meal that will grow their bodies for God’s glory. 

This is what has been on my heart lately and I just wanted to share it with you.  The list could go on forever, but for now I am taking it one step at a time….I am going to go and take the kids to the Library because they have been asking for a week!  (I really am trying to work on making “Yes” be my natural reaction instead of “No”.  Have a blessed day!