Myths about homeschooling

30 09 2008

I have come across many myths about homeschooling….feel free to add your own.  These are just ones that have be said to us or I have read.

1. Our children have no friends.  TRUTH: My children have many friends, some who are on the other side of the world, others that are just right down the street.

2. We (moms) think we are the best teachers. TRUTH: I am only going to talk for myself here, but I know that there are many moms and teachers that are better at this than me.  I just feel that God has called me to be home and to educate my children.

3. It is awesome because we can change the schedule whenever we need to.  TRUTH:  This statement is 1/2 true.  We can change the schedule whenever we need to, but it is not always AWESOME!  I had to drag all 3 children to the laundry mat because our washer died this weekend.  At one point I was wishing they were in school and I was there with just 1 of them.

4. We love being teachers.  TRUTH:  I struggle with sin everyday and one that I struggle with a lot is laziness or filling my day with useless stuff.  So I don’t LOVE doing this EVERYDAY.  I do love doing it, just not everyday.

5. Home-schooled kids are always excited to do every assignment.  TRUTH:  My kids struggle with sin just like every other child does.  This includes pride and obedience.

6. We (moms) like to do crafts everyday.  TRUTH: I love to do crafts, but it is work for me to pull out paint and play do…see my post here.

7. We (moms) have endless joy for “teachable moments”: TRUTH:  This is hard to do and is even harder to keep consistent with!!!!  It is just easier to let it go.  I don’t want to let it go, but I don’t have endless joy over it.

Okay, this post is kind of a downer.  I am writing it because I don’t like when people put unrealistic expectations on my children or myself because we have chosen to home-school.  I enjoy teaching my children, just not every moment.  It takes discipline, just like any job.



2 responses

1 10 2008

Thank you for being transparent and honest. So often we try to defend our choice to homeschool by pretending that everything is easy and ‘awesome’.

However, is it ‘sinful’ not to be fully motivated? or spending some time doing ‘useless’ stuff? Do we really have to put a ‘moral’ spin on every detail of our lives?


1 10 2008

I am not saying it is sinful to do things that are useless, but I am saying it is sin if I don’t do things because of laziness.

I can not speak for anyone else but me, I kmow my heart and know that I was not doing things for this reason. God was convicting my heart.

If I am motivated by anything but God I think I am putting things in front of him. To bring him glory should be my motivation each and everyday, sometimes that is taking a nap so that I can be fresh and revived when my husband comes home, other times that is taking time to blog so that I can share with others what God has laid on my heart. I am not saying we can’t do things, it just has to be for his glory and not our own etc.

Thank you so much for commenting and thank you for allowing me to clearify what I was talking about. When blogging I am learning that I have to remember that no one can see my heart or my tone when posting so I have to work extra hard on that.

THank you again!

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