Snack and Lunch Ideas…..

4 09 2008

A couple of my friends have asked for ideas for snacks and or lunches so I am going to give a list of some of the things my kids are eating this week.


Homemade trail mix: equal parts raisins, peanuts, goldfish cheese, goldfish pretzels and m&ms.  I make a big bowl of this, then use the snack size ziplocks (off brand) and put 1/4 cup in each one for my children, this is a GREAT grab and go mix.

Berry Banana Splits: I cut a half of banana per child length ways, then top wih strawberry yogurt and teddy grahams.

Peanut butter on Graham crackers with blueberries on the side with a glass of milk.

For lunches:

Crackers, cheese, pears and carrots.  I put the stuff on a platter then they grab what they want to eat.  You can add add or turkey lunch meat as well and they can make their own “homemade” lunch-ables.

Bagels with cream cheese and fruit.  This is a hit with my kids!  They love it!  We didn’t have a veggie with this at lunch so I had them have one with a snack that day.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese.  My kids love to top their tomato soup (I have a great rec. for that in the recipe section of my blog) with goldfish and cheese or sometimes sour cream and tortilla chips etc.

Speedy Quesadillas (sp?): I just spread re-fried beans on a tortillas shell and top with cheese, then fold over and grill on stove for about 2-3 mins. each side, then I cut it up with a pizza cutter to make little triangles.  They love to dip it in sour cream or salsa.


When making lunches or snacks I try to make sure I have a protein, complex carb and quick sugar.   So we only use whole wheat breads and crackers and I try to make sure they have at least 2-3 servings of veggies a day and 2-3 fruits a day as well.


Some things on the menu for next week are:

Fig newtons with a 1/2 banana and milk to drink

Lunch Chicken ceasar salad ( some cooked chicken in bite size pieces, salad and grape tomatos) served with grapes and milk.

Chicken Quesadilla Sandwich (spread salsa on 1.2 the tortilla, top with chicken lunch meat and cheese) Fold and cut in triangles.  Serve with green peppers to dip in ranch and fruit.

Snack: Chocolate pudding ( I use the yogurt if it is on sale) wtih apples and teddy grahams.


I hope this helps anyone out with meal ideas!  Enjoy.