3 weeks down…what have I learned?

31 08 2008

With three full weeks under our belts I wanted to write what I have learned.  This is not about what I have been teaching my children, but from a mama’s point of view on what I have learned to make my day go smoothly.

1. Make sure the dishwasher is empty before morning.  This way the dishes from breakfast and lunch have somewhere to go with out disturbing your morning teaching the little ones.

2. Don’t answer the phone during school time, we have an answering machine, so if it is important I can pick up while they are leaving a message, if it isn’t I will call them back….my children are the focus during this time.

3. Switch laundry in between subjects…this way it is done after school is done and during nap time I fold and put it away then.

4. Wake the baby up in the morning if they are over sleeping, this way they are ready to go down at the scheduled nap time and don’t disrupt school time.

5. Be flexible!  If you are rushing though just to get your “check list” done, then you are missing out on the best part of homeschooling.  (Watching your children learn!)  If the kids really want to talk about their story or do math longer than the time I planned for I just do it!  This time is too special.  (That doesn’t mean we jump to the next days lessons if they want to continue, I just let them continue doing the same thing over and over….more on that if you want to know why)

6. Have lunch planned out for the week.  This way I already know what they are going to have before my day begins and we aren’t running around crazy.  I have a calendar that I made (I would post it if someone tells me how to attach a word document) and I fill it in on Sundays for the entire week!  It works great for us.

7. Be prepared!   I look over everything the night before for about 5 mins. I feel more prepared in the morning.

That is all for right now, I hope that gives you some help as you start your homeschooling year.



2 responses

2 09 2008

Thanks, Becky. This is encouraging. It was good for me to read that planning out lunches for the week was a smart idea. I am not-so-great at doing that and, in that, I feel like all the boys ever get are PB & J. I need to branch out on my lunches and have been working on it for quite some time=)

Thanks again.

2 09 2008

Good suggestions. For the last year or so I’ve been working on the not answering the phone in the morning thing, but it’s a tough one! I’m totally with you about the breakfast dishes thing- a messy kitchen makes it very difficult for me to concentrate no matter which room I’m in! Flexibility is so important like you said. I made a schedule for our year and after the first week it’s filled with edits- I need to retype it. Our schedules need to work for us rather than us working for them.

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