30 08 2008

Well, we just got back from camping today and we had a blast!  We went with our friends the Ayers Family and between the two of us we had 6 children 4 years of age and under.  We were quite the site to see let me tell you.

Things we loved about camping!

1. our 1.5 mile hike through the woods…and I mean the woods!  Spiders and all (maybe this should be on the list of things Becky and Heather did not enjoy the most).

2. Playing at the beach.  The kids did soooo awesome with this! 

3. Staying up until 1 am with our friends talking around the camp fire!  The kids were all asleep and we just had a great time being adults, not just mommies and daddies.

4. The woman (Heather and I) showing how strong we are when we moved a tent UPHILL without the help of the men…they were taking the kids for a walk with the flashlights.  The walk was a hit with the boys and girl.

5. Dirt!  Well, this is not a favorite for the moms who have loads of laundry to do…but it was a favorite for the kids.  I think the dirt called their names and they went running for it.

6. The racoons had a fight on our picnic table and Heather and Derrick thought they were attacking our tent.  Those little creatures were crazy let me tell you.

7. The older kids swimming in the pool, while the babies took naps with the dads.  The kids had fun swimming and Heather and I had fun just sitting on the pool side talking.

8. Roasting hot dogs over the fire for dinner….and of course smores!

 Here are some pics of the trip…..a repeat next summer I hope!

Isaac and Dylan

Isaac and Dylan


Gracelyn with Nathan's hat on

Gracelyn with Nathan's favorite hat on









The Hike....notice Dave has Owen in a backpack carrier and Derrick has Grace on his shoulders

The Hike....notice Dave has Owen in a backpack carrier and Derrick has Grace on his shoulders


The kids earning their keep....making their own dinners

The kids earning their keep....making their own dinners





3 responses

31 08 2008

Oh Becky – I miss you guys. This made me envious and taking a walk down memory lane. Owen is so big. Wow. And Isaac too – his face is really changing. And Gracie and boys’ hats! Goodness. You better tell her that I’m holding out on her to marry Justus, so she better not be goofing off with any other boy. 😀 She can wear his hat anytime she wants too. 😀

Love you guys!

31 08 2008

Annalee you crack me up! “She can wear his hat anytime she wants!”

Looks so fun, Becky! Where did you go?

31 08 2008

Anna Lee you guys were talked about sooo much this weekend. We kept saying…”remember when….we did this with the cochrans or remember when the boys did this….or Ethan was only 1 year old…etc.

Believe me Grace loves those boys hats….she better be staying commited to Justus’s hat! LOL. We can wait til we get to go in a few summers with you guys! Won’t it be awesome!!! yeah!

we went to Rough River State park…it was really nice, the kids loved the beach and the river…and of course watching the boats!

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