Can I tell you something mama?

30 07 2008

My little Owen loves to tell me things….he is becoming such a great talker!  He says Mama, Dada, Isaac, Grace, Hi guys, bye, teeth and a few more I think.

He signs : more, milk, hat, flower, banana, shoes, all done and eat.

I can not believe how much he says and does to let us know what he wants and needs at such a young age (12 months).  He also has such a different personality!  When you tell him no he puts his head down and puts his lip out and whimpers, but then he obeys.  It is amazing how much “easier” he has been to  train at times…other things he is much harder at (like throwing his food)!

Just a little tidbit on my youngest man in the house.




One response

30 07 2008

oh I wish I could see and squeeze that little man… we’ll have to chat sometime when he’s up so I can see him. oh I miss you guys.

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