Please Pray

23 07 2008

A little 2 year old boy was hit by a baseball bat at practice last night on a field near where Dave (my husband) was coaching.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Please pray for this family, all the children that saw the incident and the players on near by fields that saw the ambulances, workers etc.

Dave sat his team down and prayed with the players for this child, God said No and that can be hard for us to take at times.  God’s glory is in this somewhere, we just can’t see it right now.

Please pray for everyone involved.




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23 07 2008

Oh my goodness! I literally gasped when I read this cause I totally expected you to say he was just in the hospital at worst. That poor family! I will be praying!

23 07 2008
Kelly Parsons

Hey Becky. I follow your wordpress blog all the time. We didn’t get to make it last night. Brett and myself had to work late and Jack wasn’t feeling the best. Just knowing we missed it made me feel bad but also made me thank God for having Jack here with us and that things could have been different. I have been praying for this family all day. There will always be questions, but one day there will be answers as to why these things happen. Dave does a great job with the team and helps them to understand so much. Jack, unfortunately, understands so much about death and babies and little ones. Thank you for posting this.



23 07 2008

Please continue to pray….the sister is the one who was swinging the bat that killed her brother. Please pray for this family, visitation is tomorrow and the funeral is on Friday.

Isaac woke up this morning and asked how he was. Dave and I told him that he died and he is with Jesus now. Isaac’s eyes swelled up with tears and he asked if the boy has to go into the “box”, (you may remember a post I did on that a while back…if not look under Family, I think it is in there). We told him yes, but his soul is with Jesus, he doesn’t need his body anymore.

He seemed okay with that, but still very upset. He wanted God to say Yes to his prayer. A hard lesson to learn in life I have to say.

That was really long….sorry…please please pray for everyone, expecially tomorrow when the teams will be playing games.

24 07 2008

All I can say is Jesus. I pray that God touch his family and give them strength to make it through this tragic time.

24 07 2008

Oh Becky. I feel sick to my stomach. The days ahead for this family! I ache to imagine them starting that journey. My heart breaks. We love you guys. I pray this is an opportunity for you to love them and share the truth with those on your team. God has placed you there for this time. All my love. Wish I were there too. And little isaac – he has been exposed to so much in his life, but what a tender heart our Lord has given him, be thankful for it!

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