Detox Day #2

15 07 2008

I am so hungry!!!!  I am craving everything I am not supposed to.  You know, FAT, CALORIES, CARBS…the list goes on and on.  I have very little energy and I am a little shaky.  Everything the books says will happen when your body is getting rid of junk in it.

I am not sure how I am going to wait tables tonight….God please give me the energy!  Hopefully eating the fruit all day today will help.  The protein drink yesterday was HORRIBLE!!!!!  I can’t say more about that.

Day 3 tomorrow and it is the last one!



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15 07 2008

I can understand, Please visit my website and checkout our detox and
weight loss product RESET it cleans you out as it is a high fiber cleanse with great tasting shakes, they come in chocolate, stawberry and vanilla along with
optimal level vitamins and bars for in between snaking. What is really great with this product is that it is a 5 day cleanse and because of the vitamins you have great energy while you are cleansing. But, best of all it curbs your appetite.
If there is any way I can help feel free to call me at 626 290 9748 or visit the above website.


15 07 2008

you still have not sent me rebecca’s website..sister, get on it 🙂

16 07 2008

Just the mention of the protein shake makes me sick! I hate those things!! Keep up the good work! Let me know how it turns out!

21 07 2008

Becky- how did the rest of detox go? Did you see my wall post on facebook? I was just asking about your house.

21 07 2008

Hey Mandy, the house is going okay. It is offical as of today….viewed by the public. It hope it goes well, a little nervous about the whole thing, but I know God already has the buyer we need picked out.

The rest of the detox was horrible, I only made it to the beg. of Day 3 and will never do it again. Dave and I feel it is more like a crash diet than a detox.

Thanks for asking.

7 08 2008

…as a former long distance trucker I saw places that AAA won’t even map out for vacation travelers…markets were a favorite-food plants were…well,eye opening!
Non-dairy creamers? Those things are mixed in a way that it looks like cement-the stuff the workers dump into the vat comes out of sacks and the mix is nasty-the color,you see-folks do’nt realize most ‘white’ foods are bleached,or a die is used to turn them white (like I mentioned about sugar once before-and flour).
I once hauled a machine to the ‘clorox’ plant in Aberdeen,Maryland-and there in the warehouse was ‘Mr.Clean’ in rows of shelves-and ‘Formula 409’ cleaners and all these various cleaning products…and the middle of them all was ‘ranch dressing’ (yes…for salads) and I had to ask,and yes-bleached!
Hot Dogs-you could lead me to the most famined area in the world and if a hot dog was served I could not get one into my mouth with out thinking of what is in one-ALL BEEF? Why sure!!…but,what part of the cow? It is sick!
You might find there is something most interesting about any of the plants (botony now) in Gods Word-interesting? if one follows them into a botony book they would learn each one of them are used too relieve constipation-interesting! Because stuffed bowels (and we stuff them in our time) keep poisons and toxins-and even God knew.
Funny-odd how we sit at a table and ask Gods blessing on what we are ready to eat…not thinking of how it was certain things come to our table!
All the sauces-stuff that goes into BBQ sause goes into automotive chemicles too,I’ve seen it!

I listened to an old black man here one day-he said the grocery stores are killing us,and lamented about the days when his family grew a kitchen garden-lamented that they no longer see them,or grow them…hmmm!
And-how God uses ‘spices’…spices are worth learning about!

I continue to pray for Alex!
Lord Bless You!

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