The Fruit Flush…3 day detox

14 07 2008

Okay I am on day one of the 3 day fruit flush.  This is a 3 day plan to detox your body of all the nasty build up…artifical sweeteners, colorings in foods etc.  Also, it is to give your body a kick start with fat loss.

So I am on day one and I have to drink this protein mix every two hours.  It gives you all your calories and minerals you need for the day….it just tastes horrible!!!  Then for dinner we have 3-6 cups of fresh (raw) veggies with olive oil and lean chicken or fish with it.  Today is to prep your body for the flush that will take place on day 2 and 3…for me that will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

I will let you know how it goes….good news is that Dave is doing it with me….nothing like a spouse helping you along.




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