Homeschooling 2008-2009

14 07 2008

Yeah we had “white box” day at our home a few days ago.  That is when the new Sonlight books for the year come in the mail (always in a white box).  We are very excited!  The kids couldn’t put the books down.

We have decided to do Sonlight 4/5 with Gracelyn and Isaac.  We are going to school them together and I feel Gracelyn is more than ready even though she is 3 years.  The books look great and I think they are going to love doing school time.

For math we will continue with Math u See and Isaac will finish the Primer book before Christmas and then start Alpahand Grace will then start the Primer book then.  This is a GREAT program and I can not believe how much Isaac has learned from it.  He did 1/2 the book last year and he learned place value, counting, geometry and addition.  It is an amazing system.

For reading we are continueing with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  Isaac will finish that book up by Christmas as well we hope.  He is doing such a great job with reading, he just isn’t very excited about it.  Grace can’t wait for her turn to start with it!  They are such different kids.

For handwriting both the kids will be doing Handwriting Without Tears K.  The system looks just perfect for my kids.  They are both hands on learners and do well getting to learn things with different approaches.

My new favorite book that I think all moms should get is the Manager of Their Homes, by Maxwell.   I got the honor of reading part of the book while home in Michigan for vacation and can not wait for my set to come any day!!!!  It is an amazing system to get your family all on a schedule and get tons of stuff done everyday.  This is what I needed this year….when the woman said “Do you ever feel like you clean one room while your children destroy the other room?”  I was on board and ready to hear what this homeschooling mom of 9 ( I believe that is right) had to say.



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15 07 2008

Yay for Box Day! It’s so much fun. I hope you enjoy the books. There is really a good mix there, don’t you think? Have fun this year!

22 07 2008

“Manager of Their Homes” looks great! Let me know what you think when you finish reading it.

22 07 2008

Courtney, I am done with it, I just made the schedule all up and I love It!!!

We start our schedule, well our new one, on Aug. 11 the first day of school for the kids!

Let me know if you want to come by and look at it sometime.

22 07 2008

What elements of HWT are you getting? Are you purchasing all the wood blocks and stuff?

23 07 2008

we got the teacher book and children’s book for level K. in the teachers book they have a page that you can copy and laminate so you can have the “blocks”, they won’t be wood but thick paper, and I think they will hold up well for homeschoolers. The wooden blocks seem more for a school setting with lots of kids using them.

Also, I am purchasing two small chalk boards from the teacher store, which will work just fine.

I do think you need those, the WET-DRY-TRY sequence looks very helpful for kids that write some letters backwards…both Grace and Isaac do that with a few letters. So we will need the small chalk boards for that.

Also, I bought some of their paper, so they can write letters to Justus etc. and still get practice.

Hope that helps,
are you thinking of using it?

1 08 2008

Becky- was Teach Your Child to Read… difficult at first? We already own it so I hate to buy something different, but it looks very confusing! Any thoughts?

2 08 2008

easy easy easy…isaac is reading at about a mid K level and picked on it quick and he was 3.5 years when we started. we took a break over christmas and plan to finish it mid fall.

We start school a week from Monday, so we will do it daily until we are done. Some lessons took two days because he was young…so it will go faster now that he is older.


ps. do it just like the books says to do it, don’t skip things etc.

2 08 2008

i ment to say we took a break over summer….not christmas 🙂

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