2 06 2008

Could the time go any faster?  I feel like it was just yesterday that we were in the delivery room anticipating the birth of our 2nd child.  Unsure if we would be adding our second boy to the family or our first girl.  When it came time to finally push we were beyond excitement.  I pushed once and the doctor told me to stop….then she told me to cough once and then the baby was born.  The doctor held the baby up and let me yell to everyone that could hear me “IT’S A GIRL” 

I could not hold in my excitement of this little life.  We had had some close calls with this baby….fearful of losing her the day after Christmas of 2004 when I had emergency surgery for my appendix and told of the drugs that they gave me could have hurt the baby, then to being 38 1/2 weeks along to be told my body had stopped growing and I was only measuring 32 weeks preg. and that the baby needed to be delivered right away.

We loved the name Abigail but after all of that we decided that if it were a girl we would use the name Grace because by God’s grace she had made it to term.  If it were a boy we didn’t have a name. I was just sure it was a girl.

Well, this morning she woke up telling everyone who would listen that she was 3 years old.  She is such a bundle of joy in our home.  She love babies and dolls so much.  She lines them up every morning to feed them their breakfast, then she puts them on the couch to watch tv, then we have to change them and put them down for naps etc.  This goes on all day long.  She is so smart and sweet.

We thank God that he has given her life and He has given her to us.  We don’t deserve her and are so thankful for her.

Happy Birthday Gracelyn!  You are very much loved by so many people.



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2 06 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie! We can’t wait to see you! You are truly a gift of God’s grace. 🙂

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