Trans fat, Health and Little Ones

15 05 2008

I have been trying to be a good steward of my kiddo’s and my husband’s health by making our home Trans fat free and  White Flour free.  This has become a harder task then I thought it would be.  The whole trans fat thing is so hard to understand….Does 0 g. of trans fat the same as trans fat free?  I stilll can not find a report that lists this!  Also, I buy only whole wheat breads, but I make a lot of breads as well and I haven’t found any recipies that don’t use any white flour in them.

TIP: Did you know that in all baking recipes you can use 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 white flour (make it equal the total amount of flour the recipe calls for) and not have to change the recipes at all?  That is how I make all pancakes, muffins, cookies, cakes etc.  Ask Dave’s friend and Brian and he will tell you the chocolate chips cookies taste even better that way.

So, I am on a mission that seems endless!  I know that it is, but I feel very overwhelmed by it all.  Not just the food we eat but the impression I am making on my kids.  I don’t want them to fear food or fear fat.  Neither of these things are bad.  I want them to have a healthy understanding of the foods we eat and what they do for our bodies.  I want them to love the foods that God gave us to enjoy, but I also want them to understand why some foods in big quantities are not good for them.  I also want them to respect their bodies which one day I pray will be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Now here is the hard part… do I show and teach them without helping a long an eating disorder?  Here are some things we are doing:

1. Allow them to have the fun foods (fries, chicken nuggets etc.) but we choose the location.  Chick Fil A was ranked #1 fast food chain by Men’s Health because it have no trans fat and not one of their combo meals has over 500 calories!  Wow!

2. One third of our grocery money is on fruits and veggies.  This makes it so we have 2 veggies at each meal, one meat and a complex carb.

3. Only buying whole wheat foods.

4. Not telling them EVERY reason why I don’t want them to eat certain foods.  They are told that we are to fill our bodies with healthy foods and treat our bodies to “junk” foods.  This way they don’t say something to someone else that is eating something and they don’t fear the foods.  As they grow we will teach them about different fats etc.

5. When I go out to the gym they will tell you “mommy is making her heart strong”.  We never say we are trying to lose weight or that mommy or daddy needs to lose weight or we need to ‘get in shape’.  We make sure this is NOT talked about in front of them.  We want to make sure they have a very healthy attitude about body image especially at this young age.

Now, this is not enough, if you have any ideas please post them, I would love to hear them!



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15 05 2008

This is a great post, Becky! I have to admit: I still have not made the transition from white flour recipes to 1/2 white, 1/2 whole wheat flour recipes. I know that’s an easy thing that I can do so I am a little disappointed in myself.

I am a little kooky about trans fats, however. We went to McD today and I know every item on their menu that is a trans fat offender and which is not. I try to go with that which is the least. I am confused, however, about your Chick fil A findings. We have the Feb. 2008 issue of Men’s Health, which lists Chick fil A as one of the nation’s Top 5 trans fat offenders (pg. 50), along with Krispie Kreme, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and McD.

I am not trying to make my kids fear fat either. I think that is a great point you make. I may have failed, however, if you read my post of cheap Goldfish crackers and Noah’s reaction LOL. I don’t think them having some fast food with trans fat in it every once in a while is going to hurt them. Does that make sense?

At the same time, however, I bring nothing with trans fats in it into my house. Here’s what I have learned through my researching over the last year or so. A food does not have to be trans fat free to say it is trans fat free. It can contain less than a gram (I think that is right, don’t quote me) of trans fat per serving and still be called trans fat free. It is for this reason that I don’t even look at the trans fat findings on the nutritional label anymore- I go straight to the ingredient list. If I see PARTIALLY hydrogenated anything, we don’t buy it. Mainly this has included:

1. Margarine
2. Cake frosting
3. Crackers (most have gotten rid of them but some haven’t)
4. Cookies (especially the Fudge Shoppe brand, I am pretty sure- not that we ever got those anyway=()

That’s all I can think of right now. I’ll let you know if I find out for sure about the trans fat thingy at Chick fil A.


15 05 2008

Ok- I went to and, like most other fast food places, they are pretty tricky with their advertising. If you go to the menu and look at any item, it says it is free of trans fat free, but I think this goes back to the whole thing about a food being able to say they are trans fat free and not really be. If you go to their section that says “Nutrition and Health” and then click on “healthy lifestyle”, it says:

“…our trans fat numbers are very low.”

It doesn’t say that aren’t there: it just says they are low.

Kinda frustrates me that they can do that.

15 05 2008

That maybe true, I was just going by what they said at restaurant. They had a big billboard that said…we cook with peanut oil, we are trans fat free. That is what totally confusses me.

On the Men’s Health the one I read I was the current issue ( I am almost sure May), and it gave them an A+. It was a neat atricle, it did give Burger King and Pizza Hut really bad grades. Subway got an A-, not bad.

Let me know what you read in the Men’s health.

15 05 2008

This is part of the article I read…the internet only shows part of it. So if you have Men’s Health at your home maybe you could find this article and find what I was reading. I was reading it at my brother in laws home.

Let me know what you find out.

20 05 2008

I know an old woman who has lived her life with out sugar-she bakes with applesauce as a substitute-and some of her muffins are right on the spot!
As a former trucker-I learned there was a lot of foods that will never enter my mouth…hot dogs is one,but on top of that-if some people saw what truckers see-the diet would change.
Just never figured out why truckers could’nt absorb what they saw…the big gut guys!
I once hauled suger for Domino.
The man that showed around the plant stopped at where the sugar was still brown. He told me this was its healthiest state-that white sugar is not as good-at all,and the only reason is for being white is its sellable appearence.Hmmm.
I had a stroke-that ended my trucking career-but one thing the doctor said…if I quit somking cig’s and eating sugar I will have a chance.
My doctor explained that one tablespoon of sugar does as much damage as five cigerettes,that is interesting.
Our Savior,so it is said,ate butter and honey.
There is a lesson there.

20 05 2008

Jay, That is interesting, I was just considering only buying “natural sugar” the brown type. I would have to figure out how to cook with it, because it heard it is MUCH sweeter so you don’t need as much.

we only buy butter as well and I just found some neat recipies that use honey instead of sugar.

If you have any please pass them on.

I wanted to say that you have a very interesting life story, I Have been reading your blog, have you thought about writing a book from all the posts you have written, you know have them in order etc? I think it would help a lot people.

I am reading a book called When I lay my Isaac Down by Carol Kent I will be writing a post on it when I am done, you might want to pick it up, it is a good read.

20 05 2008

I’ve been on my own so long that even the oven is lonely!
But,let me see what I can do….
I will look at my library website to see if I can find ‘When I lay my Isaac down’,thanks for the tip.

20 05 2008

I found the book-one copy-at the library,it’s on order and will be in my town tomorrow!
Thanks! I look forward to reading it-things where strong faith is concerned is always wonderful to read.

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