Chicago Cubs Baseball Batting Helmet and Build a Bear

14 05 2008

Isaac and Grace have started to have chores in our home.  Isaac goes around the house and collects all the trash, then takes and puts in the trashcan outside.  Grace goes into Owen’s room and sorts and puts away his toys at the end of the night.  We stated this a few months ago and it is going great.  They each earn one quarter for each day they do their chores.  We then have them give some pennies to Jesus (which they take with them to Sunday School on Sundays) and then the rest is for them.

With the announcement that we were going to Chicago we encouraged them to save their money for a special prize.  Most days they did just that, other days they choose an ice cream from the ice cream truck.  When we got to Chicago the kids had almost 10 dollars each.  They were super excited!

Isaac picked out a Chicago Cubs batting helmet and Grace a Build a Bear bear carrier to wear on her back.  They proudly carried their things around with them the entire weekend.  We didn’t have to worry about them losing them or not taking care of them because they had earned them.  They had to do lots of work to get them and they knew how long it took them to save for their prizes.

This went over so well that we already have them saving for our Disney trip next year.  We are encouraging them to save at least 4 of their quarters a week for this trip.  Another perk is that we don’t have to save for souvenirs, the kids do that themselves!!!  How nice is that?

So Dave and Isaac just went to Home Depot and Isaac is proudly wearing his helmet and Grace is napping with her carrier. 

All Boy? All Girl?

14 05 2008

I have never been one of those moms that could say that I had a child that was “all boy” or “all girl”….until yesterday!

After returning home from a long drive from Chicago the kids eagerly jumped out of the minivan and ran to the back yard.  We had to leave really early in the morning for me to get home to work that evening so it was only lunch time and they had tons of energy cooped up in their little bodies.

Isaac ran out of the car with a Chicago cubs batting hat (more on that later) and Grace with her Build A Bear bear carrier.  Isaac ran to his tee-ball and started to hit balls in the yard, Grace went in the house and came out with her doll stroller and babies (at least 3, because all mommies have to have lots of babies, right?)  She was pushing them up and down the driveway while daddy unloaded the car. 

That is when it hit me!  My little boy is “all boy” and my little girl is “all girl”.  I didn’t have to teach Isaac how to be a boy and I didn’t have to teach Grace how to be a girl.  I am not saying that their father and I don’t have a huge responsibility to teach and train them to be the man and woman that God created them to be.  It just hit me how different they are! 

Isaac will willing and lovingly play dolls with is sister.  Grace will willingly and happily dress up as Spider-girl or Bat-girl to play superheros with her brother.  It was just a great demonstration that God made them different, He made them to be a boy and a girl!  He made them to like different things and to be different.  How awesome is that?