10 05 2008

I am an official graduate of the Seminary Wives Institute with an advanced certificate in Ministry study at Boyce Bible College!  This isn’t a big degree but to me it is.  It means something to me because when we came to seminary I left my undergrad work in Elementary Education to follow my husband here.  I was only about 13 credits from graduating.  I was a little hurt that I would never get to walk that stage. 

God began to work in my heart.  Why did I want to graduate?  I began to realize that it was to have the degree, I wanted the status of being a graduate.  God pointed out my sin of pride.

I repented of my sin and began to take classes at the seminary with other woman whose husbands were going to school to be ministers.  The certificate is a tangible way of me showing my family that this eternal degree is more important then any earthy degree I could earn.  This degree has taught me how to serve the church, other woman, become more devout to my Heavenly Father and how to be a be a ministers wife.

God is so Good!