When Would You Go To The Doctor?

8 05 2008

Dave\'s leg

Okay, I want to know something….when would you go to the doctor?  Dave fell at UPS on Sunday and this is what his leg looks like.

Now this is looking good, you should have seen it on Monday morning.  Now here is what the ankle is looking like (the blood from the impact on the chin is pooling in the foot).


Now you may ask….what did the doctor say?  I will have to say I don’t know because my husband doesn’t want to go!  You may ask….how much would it cost you to go?   I will have to say….NOTHING.  Because he fell at work it is covered with their doctors.

He fell off a conveyor belt (that was stopped) and hit his shin on a control switch when he fell off.  This is the spot of the impact….this pic is taken from the side so that you can see how raised it is from the bone.

The question of the day is:  WHEN WOULD YOU GO TO THE DOCTOR?




8 responses

8 05 2008

I’m thinking Tuesday.

Hopefully he’s at least icing and elevating that bad boy!

8 05 2008

ASAP. Regardless of papers due or responsibilities, messing with your ankle is messing with your ability to walk. Walking is kind of important in life, ministry, and playin’ with your kids. The longer you wait, the more messed up it may get in the meantime…

8 05 2008

Oh my. That looks painful– really, really painful. A doctor visit sounds like a really good idea since it happened at work. That way, if there is any future problems, work will take care of it, kwim?

8 05 2008

I agree with each one of you! Now would each of you like to call him and tell him that 🙂 He says it doesn’t hurt so he doesn’t need to go.

Let me tell you, I think it looks worse in person!

9 05 2008

Immediately in my opinion! That looks TERRIBLE! I can’t even imagine how that must feel!

9 05 2008

By the way, I tagged you for a meme! 🙂

9 05 2008

Worst case scenario a necrotizing fasciitis can happen with a blow and enclosed skin. Depends on how much he likes that leg or being called “Hopalong”. I would reccomend being seen.

10 05 2008

From a legal standpoint, with workers comp, since he got hurt at work, he needs to go immediately. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to explain (to lawyers) why you didn’t go, and if it really was a work injury. Especially if you have long term effects or injuries (worse case scenario- future surgery, etc. wouldn’t be covered because you never got that baseline exam and couldn’t prove that the surgery was a result of the injury!) That’s just my nursing perspective! Take care of yourself!

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