Lessons From My Children

7 05 2008

God is continually teaching me through my children.  Isaac whole heartily wants a super hero job when he grows up.  He is always asking me to pray that God will give him one and he is always praying for one.  Today while driving in the car I hear “Dear God, Please give me a Power Ranger job when I become a men (yes, not man), please say Yes, No or Wait.  In Jesus name Amen”.  I sat there thinking about what I had just overheard.

This little boy fully believes that God will give him that job if He wants to.  He truly understand that God has the right to say Yes, No or Wait and that we need to be happy with whatever the choice is.  I asked Isaac, why did you say that God can say Yes, No or Wait.  And he responded “because He is God and we are not”…..WOW!  What a testimony of a young man understand that God is in total control and He is the Lord of our lives.

My husband is an amazing father!  He is fully devoted to teaching our children about God and His character.  I see the fruit of his labor with my children everyday! 

I really started thinking about what Isaac had said in his prayer to God.  Am I that willing to accept what God gives me?  Am I willing to be happy with a “no” or a “wait”?  I will have to say that I have not always been happy with God’s response to my prayers.  When we started to try for a child in 2002 we never thought it would take a year.  Did I respond with a happy heart?  Sadly I did not.  When my husband said he was going to pick up our family and move us to Seminary and I would not get to finish my collage education to be a teacher….Did I respond with a happy heart?  No entirely.  I have always wanted to be a teacher!  I did not know at that time that God was telling me “wait”.  I see now looking back that He had bigger plans for me.  He knew that one day I would teach, it just wouldn’t be in a formal classroom, it would be at my kitchen table surrounded by my little ones!  God is sooo good!




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7 05 2008

This is a great post, Becky. And it’s so true! Thanks for posting it!

7 05 2008
Leslie DeJ

Great post! It’s always encouraging to hear about the faith of a child. It’s also a little convicting since the Bible tells us we’re all supposed to emulate it.

9 05 2008

My son Micah was going to grow up and be the ‘Nitendo’ [sic] champion of the world and was going to take care of all of us with his winnings.
He found the Navy instead-long after ‘Mario’ had been placed aside-he graduated high school and the following morning was in boot camp-17 years ago,and he still loves it…and I have the relic electic game.
My next son-Joel,had this thing about patrol cars and police uniforms…he became a corrections officer,a required placement for upcoming deputies…seems it is how they learn their client base.
I was a poor man-walked to work most mornings (long ago) I prayed each day that the Lord would see fit to give my sons a better chance i their lives-days and adays I prayed.
HE did answer those prayers…it took the years we grew up together (my sons and I).
Isaiah 40 has a verse that says ‘there is no searching Gods understanding’…meaning we are mortal souls and cannot phantom what the Lord has for us.
Your son is a future.
He IS being heard,you are too.
And your husbands foot?
Ahhh,that care for UPS over that care for thy self?
Take from someone who really knows-take that foot and have it looked at and documented!
Do not be a fool and protect those to whom will not care one way or the other-he is protected by Federal Law and ‘workmans compensation-legally! and morally! and he should have announced his need immediatly-and had the foot cared for,and not hesitated to allow UPS to assume the bill.
That is why they have workmans compensation…for him,and any other who injures them self on the job.
It is protection-and that should not be taken lightly,UPS seriously will not notice the bump in their bank account,because they pay for this insurence just as we pay auto insurence,so…quit being stubborn Dad,get that foot looked at-and documented.
What happens if it flairs up a few months from now and gets worse?
You-not wanting to upset UPS? and Dad’s unable to work for a long time? Protect UPS-or protect your family?
The Lord would send you…thats why I’m telling you…GO!!!
I continue to pray for Alex.
Lord Bless you!

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