Lessons From My Children

7 05 2008

God is continually teaching me through my children.  Isaac whole heartily wants a super hero job when he grows up.  He is always asking me to pray that God will give him one and he is always praying for one.  Today while driving in the car I hear “Dear God, Please give me a Power Ranger job when I become a men (yes, not man), please say Yes, No or Wait.  In Jesus name Amen”.  I sat there thinking about what I had just overheard.

This little boy fully believes that God will give him that job if He wants to.  He truly understand that God has the right to say Yes, No or Wait and that we need to be happy with whatever the choice is.  I asked Isaac, why did you say that God can say Yes, No or Wait.  And he responded “because He is God and we are not”…..WOW!  What a testimony of a young man understand that God is in total control and He is the Lord of our lives.

My husband is an amazing father!  He is fully devoted to teaching our children about God and His character.  I see the fruit of his labor with my children everyday! 

I really started thinking about what Isaac had said in his prayer to God.  Am I that willing to accept what God gives me?  Am I willing to be happy with a “no” or a “wait”?  I will have to say that I have not always been happy with God’s response to my prayers.  When we started to try for a child in 2002 we never thought it would take a year.  Did I respond with a happy heart?  Sadly I did not.  When my husband said he was going to pick up our family and move us to Seminary and I would not get to finish my collage education to be a teacher….Did I respond with a happy heart?  No entirely.  I have always wanted to be a teacher!  I did not know at that time that God was telling me “wait”.  I see now looking back that He had bigger plans for me.  He knew that one day I would teach, it just wouldn’t be in a formal classroom, it would be at my kitchen table surrounded by my little ones!  God is sooo good!