26 04 2008

The parents of Daniel Sorensen, the man that was murdered in Michigan, are amazing people.  Our cousin Alex Letkemann pleaded guility to second degree murder in a plea, he then had to testify at the trial of the man J.P. Orlewicz, who has been found gulity of first degree murder.  In Michigan that carries life in prison with not option of porole.  He is only 18 years old.

During the sentencing of Alex a couple days ago, the parents of the victim gave forgiveness to Alex

This family has just lost the only son they had, they stood in a court room and thanked Alex for coming forward and taking the plea of 20-30 years in prison so that the man who killed their son could be convicted.  This trial has been such a roller coster of emotions for everyone!

I have been wanting to post about this for so long now.  This case has consumed my life at times.  The only comfort we find is in Jesus during times like this.  People that were around me in November know that this truly hit my heart hard.  It was all I could think about at times.  Now we know the ending, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  Here is pic of Alex and Isaac not long ago.

Alex, we don’t like what you didn’t do in November, but we love you still.  You are in our prayers and we look forward to the day we get to put our arms around you again.  YOu are very much loved!

 Alex teaching Isaac how to play the guitar.




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26 04 2008
David Rainer

wow. words fail – thanks for sharing this.

27 04 2008

1 John 2:15 rings in my heart most all of the time.
I am always amazed at how the Lord is-the mystery,the humor-and the ways He leads us and instructs us.
I have every idea as how you might have found my blog. I don’t know why yet-but I know at this moment seeing your blog-seeing Alex with his cousin and guitar-reading the articles to find out who Alex is…all have broken my heart and inside of me I weep for your cousin Alex,truthfully-I am having tears on my face for him.
I am so humbled by this. I am so humbled.
The forgiveness Jesus gave us-I wish today that would exchange where Alex is going to be living (living?) and propel so him far out of this…I wish,but we all know that is not going to be. Only the understanding that he is forgiven by the Father through the Son…that is not a wish,but so!
This story reaches so deep inside of me-and I only learned of its details this morning. How I wish I could change places-I guess that is what it is about,this lesson-about how our Lord felt when He changed places for us and our sin.
It is so-Alex is not a bad kid. Any of us can be guilty of the same thing. Easily pursueded into things we have no control of…why all this is is beyond my reach of knowing. I just know I hate it and know why the verse from One John is so important.
I find the most interseting thing about my relationship with Him. The part about how Jesus and Peter walked on top of the sea-why Jesus chose Peter,and even the perfect mathametics of it…one with the Lord,one sinner-alone,on the sea with Jesus. How perfect a description on how it is we need to walk through this ‘life’.
In Romans it says we are dead in our sins-the wages of sin IS death. When we fully realize that this so-then we realize we are dead already.
Alex has just somehow gotten himself into one of the most largest tests in faith-and longest. No fault of his own-for a sinner he is as we all are.
Romans says-there is none righteous,no not one. The society places him in a larger realm of guilt-in the Lords eyes it is all the same,Alex is no worse then me or you. Our Father knows that. I pray Alex comes to know it too.
You know why it breaks my heart.
I will pray for his Spiritual safety and that God will lead him to a prison chaplen that will know Christ and lives as His servant.

28 04 2008
Jeff Lloyd

I’m sorry to hear about the pain you and your family are going through! My prayers are with all of you right now.

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