It’s a Sad Day

24 04 2008

Well, during the last few weeks our family has delt with some very tough days.  With the surprise death of dave’s grandfather and the sentencing of his cousin yesterday, we have felt like a ton of bricks have come crashing down on us.  CNN and TrueTV made this case their case of week.  It was shown live over the internet and on T.V. everyday from the court room for almost 2 weeks.  Our family is saddened and hurt right now, beyond belief.

In the car last week Isaac expressed how he was feeling in a little four year old way  “mommy, it is just a sad day today.”  I responded by asking him why and he said, “I really miss grandpa Letkemann and he can’t come back he is died and he is in the box.”  I told him it was okay to be sad and that we will have days when we will miss him very much and be sad.  He then told me “mom, I don’t want to be in a box when I die, I just want to be with Jesus.  I love him, I don’t want my body to be that box like grandpa Lekemann.”

This converstaion took place over 2 weeks after the funeral of his great-grandfaher.  It made me realize that we need to be talking to them all the time about what is happening in their lives.  I didn’t think he totally understood what happening at the funeral, but he did.  He understands so much more than we give them credit for.

Eariler this week Grace was drawing a picture and she says,” Let’s send this to Alex, he is in jail.  This will make him happy.  I miss Alex (comes out more like Alwex).”  A little two year old having to deal with the thoughts of prison and death is overwhelming at times. 

God is good all the time.  And it is in hard times like this that we look back and see how He is God and we are not!



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24 04 2008
Leslie DeJ

Sounds like you’ve had a rough time lately. We’ll be remembering your family. Thanks for sharing. This was my first visit to your blog, and I will definitely come back.

24 04 2008

Praying for you guys. It must be so hard watching your kids learn those tough lessons- especially when you’re learning them afresh yourselves. May God’s peace cover you.

24 04 2008

I’m so sorry for what your family is going through. I read the story about your husband’s cousin and it’s heartbreaking. (By the way, the link you have has a problem – I was able to find it based on what was there though.) I pray that you will be able to help the kids through this very hard time.

25 04 2008

I found your page through the main wordpress page, and followed your link through to the case. I’m so sorry of the struggles that you & your family are facing right now and I hope you will continue to hang in there.

26 04 2008
Literate Housewife

It sounds like your cousin is lucky to have you in his family. I read about that yesterday and it is very sad. I think you’re doing a great job teaching your children to love people unconditionally. The world will be a better place because of it.

26 04 2008
Iranian Ajax

Alex got what he deserved… the hell can he watch something like that?

Jeeez…I have no sympathy for an animal like that. May he rot in prison where he belongs!

What your family is going through is NOTHING compared to what the victim’s family is going through….ROT IN HELL!!!

Iranian Ajax

26 04 2008

I don’t know if I should delate your post or comment on it. I am at a lose for words….

I do want to add we know the victims family. My husband used to play with DAn when they were kids, they grew up together and went to school together. My husband was very hurt when he heard of the death.

we are on both sides of this. My husband lost a friend from his youth and we lost our cousin for the next 20-30 years.

So I have to say that we are sufferning.

The Sorensens are very sweet, loving people. His mother is and was very nice my husband said, when they would go over there, shew as very nice. They are sufferning.

I am happy to say that we will not rot in hell. I know that I will be with Jesus forever in heaven and anyone who loves him and believes in him will too.

26 04 2008
Iranian Ajax

All I can say that whatever the dynamics of the friendship you have between the victim’s family is one thing in a separate basket.

All I am saying is that Alex got what he deserved if not less than what he deserved….I don’t know if your state has the death penalty or not, but I do know that Alex will have a short duration in prison. What a shame…..20 years compared to losing your life like that. And for what? A $100? Please!

If someone did that to my son or my daughter…God help that person and his whole family………

26 04 2008

What wisdom from your kids! You must be heartbroken that they have to have that at such a young age, but it makes me happy to see that there are families who still trust in God, no matter what. I’ll be praying for you and the little ones!

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