Spring/Summer is upon us….

22 04 2008

In our home we know that spring/summer is here when we eat almost 6 lunches a week out of a cooler!  That is right we like to spend almost every lunch at the park or zoo or somewhere outside.  I didn’t totally plan for that this week when I made the grocery list.  I was going to make mini pizzas, homemade veggie soup etc.  That will have to wait for another day….we have had PB and J almost everyday for lunch so far.  I didn’t buy lunch meat etc.  I won’t make that mistake again!  If you know me you know that I don’t like the kids to eat PB and J more than a couple times a week.

Also, our boo boo bags need to be restocked!  The one in the car had a few bandaids left, but those where used at the park today.  The diaper bag boo boo bag had two left, but those where used at the zoo yesterday.  Nicer weather always brings lots of little scraped up knees in this house!

As Grace said….”summer is when I get pink toes.”  Well said Gracelyn!  This afternoon after her nap I will give her her “pretty toes” (as she would say). 

The weather is nice and the days so much more FUN! 




One response

22 04 2008

Isn’t it fun? I’m glad you’re enjoying spring. 🙂

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