18 04 2008

Well, a little after 5:30 this morning I woke to a crazy feeling.  It felt like my bed was under a washing machine that  was unbalanced.  I told Dave “I think we just had an earthquake”.  I went to the living room and called my mom….of course.  Then I turned on the T.V…..and yes we had an EARTHQUAKE! 

We know we live on a fault line here in Louisville….we have earthquake insurance on our house because of it.  It was a 5.2 and hit 47 miles  north of Evansville In (not too far from here).  That is where are very good friends the Thortons live….Tanya we pray you guys are okay!

Well, God is good and we are safe!




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18 04 2008

I just read about that a few minutes ago on Yahoo news!!! I didn’t even know an earthquake could happen like that in the middle of the country! Those are supposed to happen in California. 😉 Glad you are okay! 🙂

18 04 2008
Tanya Thornton

Thanks, Becky! Yes, we are all fine. It was 4:37 here and the girls didn’t even wake up. Jeff and I were very startled. The bed was shaking violently and there was a constant loud rumble, like thunder that doesn’t stop, and the sound of glass rattling all around our house. It was pretty scary! We had another tremor at 10:14 that measured 4.6! This really just reminds me how small we are and how big God is. We really have no control and God has complete control! I’m thankful that’s the way it is. 🙂 Thanks again for your prayers and concern!

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