9 Months

10 04 2008

My baby turned 9 months this week and it is hard to believe that it has gone as fast as it has.  Yesterday I went in to find him standing in his crib!  He is going to be our early walker I tell you.  He is moving all over the place (army crawls, he refuses to crawl on all fours).  He goes to the dr. next Friday so I will have a weight and height for him them. 

He says “Hi” “Yeah” “dada” and “mama” and he signs for “more” “milk” and “hi”.  It is so neat watching him interact with his brother and sister.  They love him so much and they take such good care of him.  They make sure he is played with and loved on everyday!  He sleeps from 7:45 ish to about 6-7 am almost everynight.  Last night he was up but his two front teeth are about to  come up, they have just broken the skin. 

Our family truly loves having him in our home, God is so good to us.




One response

13 04 2008

oh, Becky – I wish I could see him and hold him. I can’t believe he is so big. We all miss you guys.

I thouht to send you Justus’s copy of the book “Owen”. Would you like it? Or did you already get one?

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