7 04 2008

We are back.  The funeral was so nice, it really gave a great account to Grandpa Letkemann’s life.  Thank you for praying for our family.  The kids did great the whole time, I was so happy.  I have to admit both Dave and I were very happy that we “church trained” Grace and Isaac.  Hopefully many people saw Christ when they saw my children last week.  (don’t think they behave like this everyday and everytime I want them to, but they did that time and I am happy about it!)

For those who know about Dave’s cousin….trail was to begin today, but he took a plea to second degree murder and that carries 20-30 years in prison.  We are so hurt, but pray God’s will in all of this.  With the plea he will have to testify agenist the other man involved.  Jury selection starts today.

Things have been busy here now that I started at Applebee’s.  I originally was only going to work 2-3 shrifts a week, but we have decided I will work 5 shifts Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights and a double shift on Saturday.  I am also keeping my Friday mornings at Gymboree.  If I can keep it up for 8-12 weeks then we can have most or all of our debt paid off.  We really want that done before Dave’s first postion at a church.  Pray for strength for me while I do this, but I know it is the best for right now.

That is all right now, Dave is on spring break and it is going to be 74 today!  So we are going to have a little fun before he leaves for work then enjoy more time with him tonight because he doesn’t have class!




2 responses

7 04 2008

Wow Becky! I am so proud of you for all those shifts you are pulling. It is gonna be so worth it!!! Debt free- what a thought!

I will be praying for your fam as the trial resumes. That must so tough!

9 04 2008

You are one busy lady, Becky. Still praying for Dave’s cousin. Miss you guys!

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