This Toy Rocks!

26 03 2008

Isaac got a really neat toy for his birthday from a friend of his.  We opened it up a few weeks ago now that the weather is nice and it was an instant hit with both the kids and Dave and I!  We love it……it is the Playskool Tag Tails.  You put on the belt which is an animal (lion, monkey, zebra or Tiger) and you chase each other and try to get the other players tails!  The best part about this toy is that no one is always it, everyone is it all the time and everyone is chasing everyone!

In our home we play like this….one person says GO!  Then everyone runs all over the yard chasing each other….then if you get someone’s tail you say I GOT YOUR TAIL, the person’s whose tail was taken says OH SHUCKS YOU GOT MY TAIL.  Then you replace your tail and continue to play. 

Today we had 2 other kids over and the kids loved the game!  Another great thing is that you get a lot of exercise yourself if you play with your kids.  Enjoy.