Some of My Favorites

25 03 2008

For Owen I have been loving some of these things:  Owen is almost 9 months old

These bibs are the BEST!  They are very long, but are cut in near their arms so they can reach for food.

We love the new line at Kohls called Jumping Beans for his clothes. You already know that Children’s place is my all time favorite store, so I won’t link that one. They also have some great things for Isaac and Grace as well!

For Grace: She is 2.5 years old

She loves her My First Doll House and so do I.  She can make the people stand on their own and the pieces are simple enough for little hands.

For Isaac: He is 4 years old

He loves everything Bibleman right now!  He loves the movies and is learning scripture so well from them.  It is awesome for little boys!  I love how it gives them adventure and excitment that they need and crave!

For the two of them we love:

Our bunkbeds from IKEA are great (click over to the 6th bedroom set in the middle of the page; the blue room).  They rock!  We have it in the loft position and then we have a mattress underneath for Grace to sleep on, which will become Owen’s bed later this year.  It is really awesome! The top over it is great for a younger sleeper or for an older child to have their own space (which is how we have it). Dave put in a little book rack on the wall of each of their beds giving them a little special space. We also put in these baskets on the wall next to their beds giving them their own space for special things.

I just wanted to give you a list of something we have been enjoying in our home.



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