My Baby Owen

17 03 2008

Owen had his surgery this morning and it went great.  A good friend of mine kept Isaac and Grace and it was such a blessing.  She even came over at 6:15 am, got them dressed and off to her house to get her own kids ready for school.  How awesome is she?

Owen did great at night until he woke up.  Once he woke up he wanted to EAT!  He was not so happy to only get his paci.  He did great going to the nurse to be taken off to surgery.  He even gave her a little snuggle.  Then he was off to see Dr. Grouge. 

After he woke up they came and got us.  He nursed for awhile and then he started crying. The crying lastest the whole time we were there and almost the whole way home!  He had a really hard time coming out of all of it.  He is a great little boy, but he was very confussed.

He has slept already 3 times for a total of 5 hours worth of naps.  He is getting it all out of his system.

His one ear is bleeding quite a bit.  It looks like they said it might. 

Now we pray his hearing comes back to normal over the next few weeks!  Thank you for praying for our little man, God is so good all the time!