A Bunch Of Randoms:

10 03 2008

Here are a bunch of crazy little things:

1. I have an interview at Applebees to be a server on Tuesday night at 8 pm.  Please keep me in your prayers.  Dave and I want all our debt and school loans paid off before he graduates in Dec. with his MDiv.  This way we don’t get any interest on the school loans.  So I am getting a job working at night while the kids sleep and Dave studies.  Hopefully this will work for our family.

2. Owen goes to the ENT doctor on Wednesday at 9:30 to talk about tubes!   I am actually really scared about this.  We have never had a problem with the older two with ears so this is new ground for us. 

3. The kids are getting their Spring pics on Tuesday afternoon and we will be doing our first family pic with our baby Owen.  I got the kids all matching outfits from Children’s place. This is Owen’s Here and Here.  This is Gracelyn’s Here and Here. Isaac is wearing a baige suit with this (but in the blue and green) and a tie that is baige and blue.  The boys also have these matching hats that I found for 50 cents each at the Children’s Place outlet last summer!   I am so excited.  I am sure I will have a new heading this week after they get them taken!  Thank you mom for the Easter money you sent the kids!

4. We are really ready for spring!  The kids are going crazy in this cold weather. 

5. Homeschooling is kicking along.  I think we are getting a good hang of it finally.  Now next year will be really hard because we really want to get a more overview type curriculum.  Any mamas out there that would like to give a little review of what you used in the K-2 grades, please do!!!!



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10 03 2008

I just wanted to pop over and say thanks for all the “I’m new to Louisville” tips you gave me the other night at Pendergraph! I’ve found the Meijer and am thankful for your recommendations–especially the pediatrician!

Also, my 3rd daughter had to have ear tubes after a year of 8 ear infections and I’d have to say tubes was the best thing we ever did for her. It was such a simple procedure and we noticed a MUCH happier girl within DAYS! Plus, NO ear infections the entire time the tubes were in! (It was worth its weight in doctor’s visits alone!) Anyway, I give a hearty recommendation you do it and I’ve yet to meet someone whose had it done who regretted it–I’m sure they’re out there but as I’ve said, of the many I’ve talked to ALL have had the same great experience.

And for homeschool curriculum (ages 6-8ish), we’ve done Sonlight these past 2 years and really like their “best picks of literature” approach. I love that it’s all planned out for me, the variety of reading materials, and the great introductions to world culture and history. There are some things you may consider a drawback and you can check that out at their website for a listing of “tons of reasons why you should choose Sonlight” as well as a “tons of reasons to NOT choose Sonlight” that really helped me think it through before I plunked down my change. They also have an 18 week “love it or your money back” guarantee you just won’t find anywhere else.

Email me if you need to!

Thanks again!

11 03 2008

I can’t believe how cute your new header is!! It’s adorable! Look how big Owen is. They are all darling. I bet all the pictures turned out fantastic.

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