21 02 2008

I haven’t posted much about my little man lately.  He is a happy little 7 month old, at 6 months he was 16 lbs. 2 oz and almost 27 inches long!  He started crawling at 6 months already and “talks” non-stop!!!!

He is such a joy, has anyone else noticed how easy #3 is?  My dad said it is because they don’t have a choice, but to be good kids.  I have to agree.  He is not the best sleeper in the world, but he has been going from 8pm-5or 6 am this past week!  I am feeling like a new mom now.  I just love it.

He is such a sweet little man, so kind and gentle and LOVES his big brother and sister.  Gracelyn makes sure that he doesn’t go without too much, she loves to be the mommy of the group!  Isaac is sure to teach him about spiderman, bibleman and anything else that is a superhero!

Little Conversations With a “Just” turned 4 Year Old.

21 02 2008

Here are some little things my little man has said over the past few weeks:

Mom: Isaac you need to stay in your own bed at night time, Okay?

I: I know mama, but I love to come and sleep with you and daddy.

M: I know you do, but you need to stay in your own room.

I: Okay I will, you are just my bestfriend and I love you so much.

M: Oh, hunny I love you too.

Here is another:

This one is with his daddy.  Dave is doing a study on Muslims for a class at the Southern Seminary and he has to spend time learning about the religon etc.

After eating at an Iraqi resteraunt, they were invited back to talk to some of the men.  Dave had already explained to Isaac that they have a “pretend” god and only Jesus is the true Lord.

I: Daddy, are we all done now?

D: Yes, Isaac we are all done.

I: Daddy, you didn’t tell them about Jesus the True God yet, we have to do that first.

D: Oh, Isaac I love your heart, but we need to be friends with them frist, then tell them about Jesus.

I: Okay, we will do it next time, Okay?

Isaac is my little missionary kid.  He tells everyone about Jesus and how He died for their sins.  Even the kids at Chick fil A.  It is really sweet.

Come on Send them in!!!

21 02 2008

Come on ladies (and men) send in those recipes!!!!!  I can’t wait to read them.   I have a few to post and I will get them up starting on Monday.  So please send in those family favorites this weekend.

 Happy Cooking