God Is So Good

11 02 2008

Well, we had Gracelyn’s Dr. appointment today and things went really well. Regardless of what the doctors had to say, I knew that my God is good all the time.   The did x-rays of her hips and they came back looking great.  Her range of motion is still not 100% on her left hip, so the dr. wants to see her back in 3-4 months to re-do the x-rays.  We are not out the woods completly, but we are steps from the edge!  Praise God. 

 If she starts to limp again or walk funny we are to bring her back in earlier.  The dr. did say that many children seem to not have it (expecially because Grace is so young) and come back a few months later and have it show up on the x-rays.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for my little girl! 



4 responses

11 02 2008

That’s such great news, Becky! By the way, I love the new layout=)

11 02 2008
Tanya Thornton

All praise to God! We are thrilled to hear the good news.

11 02 2008

Hooray! Praise God! I’m so thankful. The boys and I prayed for your appointment this morning. When we first started praying for Gracie, Thomas really really wanted to bring her his special blanket to make her feel better. 🙂

Oh, and I love the new picture.

12 02 2008

Praise God!!!!

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