4 02 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

We come to you guys asking for prayers for our little girl Gracelyn. Many of you may know that last Wednesday Jan. 30 Grace starting limping in the evening. Thinking that she had fallen at church or something we thought nothing of it. She wasn’t crying or anything. Then on Thursday it continued like the night before. Then on Friday Dave and I decided that she needed to be taken in just in case it was broken.

They did x-rays etc. and found no break. The Dr. thought it could maybe be an inflamation of the hip and joint (which would cause the limping). They put her on Motrin every 6-8 hours for the weekend and we were to return if it hadn’t improved. Over the weekend it had gotten worse and by Sunday night her left foot was turned in.

We took her back into the dr. today and they decided she needed to be seen by a Children’s Orthopaedic Doctor. Our Pediatrician thought that it could be a “toddler fracture” That is when they break a bone but it can’t be seen on an x-ray. They got us an appointment for 3pm.

Dave met me up there and the dr.s there thought it was broken for sure and that it might be higher up in her femur bone (upper leg). So they did some more x-rays (the original ones were only of the lower leg and foot). After the x-rays came back the dr. came and talk to me (Dave was in the playroom with Isaac and Owen). She said that she really wanted it to be broken and she had other dr.’s look at the x-rays as well and they could not find a break. She said that she wanted us to continue with the motrin for another 6 days to rule out the inflamation of the hip and joints.

She then said that she is leaning toward Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease. She said that Grace is a little young for it, but the ealier they get it the better off it is for them. This is when the top of the femur bone starts to die because the body stops sending blood to it. It is not life threating and it has a good rate of regrowing itself and being normal again.

She said she wants to see Gracelyn back on Monday, and if the limp is the same or worse and her foot is still turned in (kids turn the foot in to compensate for the pain and the loss of movement in the joint etc) they will send her for an MRI at the Children’s hospital here in Louisville.

We ask for your prayers on our little girl, we ask that you pray that God will heal her and that His glory will be done it all of it. Please pray that the mortrin treatment works and that it is only an inflamation of the hip and joint. We know that God is in control and that His Will will be done and will work out for those who love Him.

Thank you for your prayers, we will update after next Monday’s appointment. Unless God heals her this week and we can cancel the appointment!