Be Back Soon.

23 01 2008

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to my series on Stewardship, but for now we are living in a hotel (a two bedroom suite I have to add).  After a wonderful weekend with 8 other girls scrapbooking, I came home to a water leak in our wall!  With thousands of dollars worth of damage, we are now living away from home until we have hot water.

 Let me give a little plug for State Farm homeowners insurance, they ROCK!  They are paying for our hotel, all our meals out to eat, all of the damage (minus our 1000 dollar deductable, I know that is a lot, but we could be paying a WHOLE lot more).  They have set up all the workers to come to my home, I just get a call and show up that day and deal with who they have sent out.  Today the floor guys are coming to measure for new flooring in the laundry room and padding in the master bedroom!  They will repaint after the new drywall goes in, and they will pay for the molding and floor etc.

It may cost a little more a month to have a great company, but I LOVE having an actual person to talk to everyday about the jobs being done!

I hope to be back in our home tomorrow, but that depends on how the water and mold guys do today.  It has to be totally dry before the wall and floor guys can get here done, and then the plummer will come and put in the hot water tank etc.

Oh the joys of owning a home.  More later.




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23 01 2008
Tanya Thornton

Oh, Becky! I am so sorry to hear about this! Not what you had hoped to come home to, I know. I hope you still had your moment with Dave and the kids on the couch looking through your new scrapbook pages. I was thinking about you doing that Sunday night and wondering how it went. Well, praise God for a good insurance company! I will be praying for your family during this chaotic time out of your routines.

23 01 2008

That’s one way to redecorate your house! 😉 I hope all is well at your home very soon!!

23 01 2008

Hey Tanya, yes we did have our “moment”. Did Jeff love your books? They looked great! I can’t wait to see Lucy’s a little more when we come and visit. We found the leak at about 12:30 am on SUnday, I was laying in bed and I told Dave “I hear water” he went into the laundry room and his hand went through the drywall. It was only a pin hole leak in the pipe, but it cause a lot of damage.

We just found out we will be in the hotel until Monday at least, Wednesday at the lastest. It is crazy, but we are being taken care of. I am able to get on the internet during the day while at the house wtih the workers, and the kids can nap here. THen we go to dinner and back to the hotel until after breakfast when we return for more workers etc.

Tlak to you later…water and mold guy should be here in a minute…..oh yeah, I am excited about my new floor I picked out for the laundry room.

23 01 2008

I’m so sorry Becky! What a mess. You seem to have a lot of strength and peace through a very stressful situation- the Lord provides it when we need it, eh? Glad you had fun at your scrapbooking weekend. 🙂

23 01 2008

gosh! sorry about the leak. I TOTALLY agree with you about State Farm. My husbands family has been with SF since his dad was 16 (or something like that). They are great to us! We love them! Hope all goes well.

24 01 2008

sorry about this Becky. We are dealing with a leak as well right now but nothing that bad!!! Enjoy your “Sort of” vacation LOL. I love being in a hotel!!!

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