Stewardship: With My Family’s Health

10 01 2008

As the main care-giver of my children and the chef cook in the house I am responsible for my children’s eating habits and for the food that goes on the table at dinner time. I do the grocery shopping in my home and the meal planning (more on that tomorrow). With that being said I take full responsibility for the way my children eat. I feel it is so important that we teach our children how to eat healthy so that they can be and do all that God wants them to in their lives.

To start we need to make sure we are feeding our children (and husbands) healthy foods. During the day I want to make sure my children have healthy choices for foods and that their blood sugar stays at a healthy range, keeping them from having so many tantrums or sugar highs and lows. To help with this I set up an eating plan for my kids (after the age of 1, we feed on demand, about every 2.5-3.5 hours for infants). My kids wake up and have breakfast around 8, then a snack around 10, then lunch around noon, then a snack when they wake up around 4, then dinner around 5:30, then another snack around 7:30. My kids eat often and usually have smaller meals. Each meal consists of a veggie (except breakfast), a fruit, a protein and a carb. I try to make each snack consist of a protein, a complex carb and a “quick sugar”, like juice or a fruit. Here is an example of their day:

Breakfast: Cereal (complex carb), Milk (protein), and a fruit (quick sugar) Snack: Crackers (complex carb) with peanut butter (protein) and Juice (quick sugar) Lunch: Tomato Soup (veggie), Crackers (complex carb) and a fruit Snack: Gold Fish crackers (complex carb) and Milk (protein) Dinner: Chicken (protein), Green beans (veggie), Salad (veggie), potatoes (complex carb)

I try to buy all their snack foods with Whole Wheat (even goldfish have that now!). I also try to encourage them to try new things, by having them pick out the foods at the grocery store, they love it!

I also feel it is my job to make sure they are not eating tons of sugar, fats or fried foods. I know it can get hard trying to cook every night, but you don’t have to! They can still eat healthy and not be given prepackaged foods. (I will explain more on that tomorrow). Also, remember that most children over the age of 1 can eat what you eat. Don’t make yourself a healthy meal then make your children’s meal chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. You are not teaching your child how to eat healthy or that you are not a short order cook. My kids eat what we eat, unless their is a food allergy.

I hope this helps with Stewardship with your families health. Check out a post Iwrote about Fresh is Best.  This may help if your kiddos don’t like too many fruits and veggies.



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10 01 2008

Becky – I just wanted to say thank you for this series… I’m taking notes and enjoying your thoughts. I’ve always thought to ask you how you do your meal planning, etc. so this works just as well. If I have questions I’ll ask. I’ll have to take a look at your week menu plan sometime. Maybe tonight. 😀

You do so well in managing your home and being a steward of all of it. I am always amazed at how much you do and can get done!

10 01 2008

THank you Anna Lee. Just know that what I have learned I have learned from others and by the Grace of God I even get up every morning. My meal planning sheet I will show tomorrow I actually got from you….LOL. I will give some tips on how to eat for less and still get those well rounded meals etc.

Thank you for your encouragment!

10 01 2008

“My kids eat what we eat” – that has always been my philosophy too. I’ve known people who will make a whole separate meal for the kids with “kid friendly” foods just like you referred to rather than teaching them from an early age how to eat what everyone else is eating and eating healthy foods. I’ve always thought that was a bad idea. Great post!!

14 01 2008

I am excited to see your menu planning stuff. I have my way of doing it, but I would love to see something that was easier and worked better than mine LOL=)

15 01 2008
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