Stewardship: With my Time

9 01 2008

As a stay at home mom of 3 children 3 and under I seem to never have enough time in the day. This past year I put into practice making sure I get everything done. Now I am not saying this is in a prideful type of “get everything done” way, I mean this is a way to serve my family.

First I started with my priorities. I listed them in order of what I needed to get done everyday. My list included making meals, spending time with God, playing with my kids, doing housework, running errands and home schooling. After I made my list I then made a daily schedule of what our day looks like. After that I filled in everything the kids need during the day.

I then listed all the chores I have to do everyday. For example, I empty and load the dishwasher everyday, sweep the floor, tidy the bathroom etc. Then I listed things I have to do weekly. For example, change sheets, dust, clean the bathroom, vacuum etc. I then make a weekly cleaning schedule of what I need to do each day of the week. I have to do 2 loads of laundry a day to keep up with my family (that is 14 loads a week, 2 per person, towels and cloth diapers). Now that I had my cleaning schedule I felt like a HUGE bolder was lifted off my back. It is easier to relax in the evenings with my husband when I know I have gotten what I needed to do that day done. As a mom chores can seem like they are never ending, with this system I feel like I can “leave” my job and enjoy my family.

With my time I also needed to make sure that I was doing things to save time while doing my housework. When it comes to laundry I found that if I clean the clothes that all go in one room together I save hours a week! For example, when it comes time to wash the kid’s clothes I go into Isaac and Grace’s room (they share a room) and I gather their clothes and wash, dry and put them into ONE laundry basket. Now when it comes time to put their clothes away I just walk into their room with their basket and put the clothes away. This keeps me from having to run all over the house putting things away. It is so much easier to wash and put the towels away when they are all together.

When it comes to my chores I have noticed that it helps to have them all laid out. On the day I wash the floors I also clean the bathroom because I already have the cleaning stuff out. On the day I dust I also vacuum etc.

Now that you have your schedule figured out for your time you also need to remember ONE very important thing!!! DO NOT let your kids go all day without you playing with them. This may sound really silly to many of you, but if you really think about it, it is really easy to be doing your stuff and just let them play by themselves most of the morning etc. It is easy to have them play in their room while you clean the kitchen or watch TV. while you do the dishes etc. To help you not do this sit down with your kids and play for about 15 minutes, then go and clean for about 15 minutes, then repeat. You will find that your kids come less often and interrupt you because they know that you will return shortly and play with them some more.

When it comes to your time with the Lord you need to make sure you are having it EVERYDAY! I am the first to admit I can easily get busy and forget to have my time with the Lord. Find a time that works for you and keep it. Think of it like a “date” with the Lord. We wouldn’t stand up our husbands if they invited us out for coffee, right?

Now that we have covered being a steward with my time, check out an older post I wrote about on Contenment. You may find it helpful as well.

Stewardship: Intoduction

9 01 2008

Over the next week I am going to be posting on stewardship. As a child of the King I am commanded to be a good steward of my resources, my family and my home. This can be VERY hard while living in Seminary. My husband only works part-time while he goes to school full-time and I only work 8 hours a week. With 5 mouths to feed and not a lot of help around the house (do to my husband’s demanding schedule) I need to diligent in my time and the money I have.

I am going to share with you ways to save on your grocery budget, your baby’s needs (diapers, food, medicine etc), your time cleaning and time with your family. We need to be serving our families and if we are over spending on groceries, spending too little time cleaning, not feeding our families healthy foods or spending too little time with our children, we are actually doing them an in-service instead of a service.

I look forward to sharing with you some tips I have learned over the years from some far wiser woman.