Christmas Shopping is DONE!

1 12 2007

Did you all hear that?  I am DONE!  Okay I am a little excited about that.  Dave and I did a kids free shopping day today and finished it all up.  Dave starts working 6 days a week (about 50-54 hours a week) starting tomorrow so we needed to have everything done.  This is such a blessing that he is working!  Many of you know that we live on one part-time income while he is in school.  With 5 mouths to feed (and Isaac eats like an adult these days) we need Dave to work as many hours as he can do while school is out.  We have been praying that God would provide a way for us to pay our bills and for me to continue to stay at home and He faithfully provided again. 

God is so good at providing what we need everyday.  Sometimes I am just so busy thinking I am the “center of the World” that I over look His Greatness.  What a sin that is.

This Christmas is a little tighter this year then in the past.  Dave is finishing up with Seminary next December and we wanted to have all school loans payed off so we don’t get hit with interest when he Graduates.  So we have been putting most of our extra money toward debt etc.  So I had to come up with some really planned Christmas list for the kids.  After a lot of planning, price watching and praying we came up with our kids lists!  I am happy to say that each one will get a couple toys, some needed clothes and a big smile.  This year really made me consider what I am most excited about with my kids….the gifs or the joy of celebrating Christ’s birth?  Which one is my heart leaning toward?  At first all I wanted to do was shop for my little ones (hey, I don’t get to shop much so I love having a little money to spend on them).  Then it hit me…. this is about God and what He did for me, not about my kids like the World wants me to believe.

Now I am happy to wrap the gifts my kiddos will get, but more excited about the next 24 days I will get to spend with them showing them God’s love for us and the importance of the time of year!