Why We Don’t Do Santa

17 12 2007

I know this is a topic that can get very heated and can raise some emotions, but I wanted to share why we have chosen not to do Santa with our children. This is an issue that Dave and I visited many times before making out decision. Now that Isaac is almost 4 years, Grace is 2.5 yrs and baby Owen 5 months, we are very happy with our choice.

One of the reasons we wanted to not do Santa was to be able to point our children to Christ. Now I know that can be done while still doing the pretend of Santa, but for our family we wanted it to be more. We wanted Christmas to be about how our sin caused our Savior to have to come to earth as a baby and then die on the cross so that we could spend eternity with God. We wanted Christ to be the excitement of Christmas not the “torture” of Christmas. What I mean by that is we wanted our kids to wake up on Christmas morning with such excitement that it was Jesus’s birthday! We didn’t want them to have so much excitement that Santa was coming that church and daddy reading the accounts of Christ’s birth be torture for them. We wanted Him to be the excitement all around. We wanted our kids to know more about the Christmas story than the story about Santa. This doesn’t seem to be the case in too many churches now a days. It seems that so many Christian children still don’t know basic things about the birth of Christ.

Another reason is that we wanted to instill in them the love for Jesus and not the love for the things they will receive. This has been SOOO hard on us! We have had such a hard time keeping greed from setting in on Isaac’s little heart. It is getting better everyday as we explain that Christmas is not about him, but about how God sent Jesus to die for our sins and it is His day, not ours. Isaac is doing much better about telling us that “Jesus is so nice to share his birthday with us, I even get gifts on His birthday”. He is starting to see that it is about Jesus.

Another thing that bothered us is that you can replace “Jesus” with “Santa” in many songs and they become “doctrinally sound” enough for young children. For example, You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I’m telling you why, Jesus Christ is coming to town. He know if you are sleeping, He knows if your awake, He knows if you’d been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake……etc. These songs make Santa sound like Jesus, we don’t like that.

The last reason we decided we didn’t want to do Santa was because we didn’t want to be in continual lies with our children. I heard a mom talking to her child at the YMCA the other day and it bothered me. The child was asking how Santa was going to get in their house because they didn’t have a fireplace. The mother kept making up little lies to cover another lie over and over. Her curious little girl had that mama digging herself deeper and deeper. We don’t want to lie to our children; we want them to understand that when we tell them something they can trust that we are telling them the truth.

Now, my kids know the story of Santa. We have just never talked about it as anything more than a story, just like stories about Winnie the Pooh or The Little Mermaid. They just think of Santa as a story about some kids getting presents.

I hope everyone has a very God honoring Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!
Merry Christmas!